Look at What I Bought for MY Birthday!!

**Bought It**

Last month was my birthday and I decided to treat myself to some goodies. These are some goodies that have been sitting on my wish list for quite some time. Now being a beauty blogger, you would think that I have more than enough products but NOOO quite the opposite. I always see things my fellow bloggers talk about or other products in the lines for brands that I blog about and that is how my list grows.  So, on to the show.

 First up is BROWFOOD tinted brow enhancing gelfix. This is a category in my makeup cabinet that I can never have enough of because I am obsessed with brows. I saw a fellow blogger with this on her blog and she swears by it so I had to check it out. So, this is a wand and it kind of looks like mascara except there are little fibers in this product. So it actually helps fill your brows with actual fibers AND color. I am in loooove with this product! It lasts up to 12 hours and doesn't get crusty or look hard. There is also Phenoxyethanol and D5 in here which is the specific peptide used to promote healthy brows. Paraben, sulfate and phthalate free! Love this and totally recommend it! You can buy this for $24.

 Next is something that has been on my list for quite some time. This is the NARCISO RODRIGUEZ for her hair mist. I loove this especially since I do not wash my hair every day. It's nice to keep my hair smelling fresh in between washes. I am in love with this scent and it is unique so you will have to check it out before you buy it because it's not for everyone. I spritz a little on before I leave the house and it has a fantastic smell all day long. You can buy a 1oz bottle for $35.

Next is a free sample that I got and it's something that I have been using for a couple weeks now. It's the ALTERNA caviar repair lengthening  hair and scalp elixir. This was one of the deluxe sized samples and I have been desperately trying to grow my hair back out since I did a super short cut a couple of months ago. It was like Victoria Beckham short but not it's about down to my shoulders and I just hit the past my shoulders point. So, I saw this and I thought I would speed up the process. This gentle serum helps treat the scalp, prevent breakage, and condition hair strands, leaving hair soft and smooth. This light, quick-absorbing formula promotes noticeably longer, stronger hair in as little as two weeks. So, I haven't seen rapid growth but I have noticed stronger hair, less breakage and less shedding. I am hoping now I will get some growth!! Paraben, sulfate, phthalate, DEA, TEA, gluten, mineral oil, petrolatum, PABA, and paraffin free! You can buy a full sized bottle for $38.

 This is my second deluxe sample. It's a little tiny sample of My Burberry. I was excited about this because I love Burberry scents and to see this as a free deluxe sample, I was all over it! My Burberry is a sweet, floral scent that is very classic at the same time. You can buy a 1oz bottle for $72. I probably would not re purchase just because it's not my kind of scent.

 These are all of my little samples I got. There is ESTEE LAUDER Advanced Eye Repair Serum which you can buy full sized for $58. Then you have POLO Black and you can grab a full sized for $64. Next is GUCCI Guilty which you can grab a full sized bottle for $61 and

 My birthday gift is two mini lip pencils from NARS. Cruella is a velvet matte red- GORG and Rikugien is a pinky satin color. Great gift! I love these both and I think they both go on smoothly and wear really well. The Rikugien is my favorite of the two especially now that we are in the summer months. Cruella is a sexy red color and it just pops is out there like BAM! The velvet matte does need a little moisture underneath, but it wore like a dream for me.

Next is the SHISEIDO Ibuki Multi Solution Gel. I have been looking for a new moisturizing product for my morning routine and I scoured through about a million product reviews and this is the one I settled on. I have been using it for about a week now and I have been loving it. I got it to target my pores and breakouts at the same time and I think it has been helping. I have noticed smoother skin, less breakouts and smaller pores. I am absolutely excited about this product.

Last but surly not least is something that I have been wanting my own of FOREVER. My hair stylist, Lauren, swears by BUMBLE AND BUMBLE so I have been wanting my own because I love the way my hair feels and smells every time I leave her. I mean, she is amazing at what she does but this stuff helps a little. Also, if you are looking for someone that does amazing hair in the Pittsburgh area, you let me know and I will get you Lauren's info. You will NOT be disappointed!! Anyway, the tonic is something that I use for everything. I use it when I get out of the shower, when I need a little boost in my hair when it's dirty, as a detangler or when I know I am going to get a big style that day. This smells amazing because there is tea tree oil in it and peppermint which helps with the oil control. I got the big giant bottle for $22.

What do you think of this haul? I'm loving it! Do you have any of these products? What do you think of them?


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