Beauty Break for a Little Noms

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So, I got this great opportunity to test out Reese's Spreads and of course I took it. You know I love my food as much as I love my beauty! Since I have been on this diet thing, unfortunately,  I have been doing a lot of cooking and not a lot of tasting.Actually, it's not that bad because I really enjoy cooking. It's kind of bad because I am really good at it and I don't get to reap the benefits. This was one of those times. You know I snuck a little taste though! Had to!
So this is how this beauty is made:
Graham crackers
Bananas- about 2 sliced
Health Bars- crushed
Cool Whip

1) Spread the Reese's Spread on the Graham cracker
2) Place the bananas on the chocolatey grahams.
3) Put the plate in the microwave for about 30-45 seconds. You don't want your chocolate to burn so keep an eye on it.
4) Dollop the Cool Whip
5) Sprinkle the Health Bars
6) Serve

You can make these individually, too but my kids were fighting so I made them sit together and share their dessert. Evil? Nope... it worked. They were loving each other and their dessert!!


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