My Favorites of 2014 Post!

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I have decided to show you all some of my favorite posts over the last year. I have grown soooooo much this year. 2014 was a HUGE year for Color Me So Crazy and I have to say thank you to all of you for that. Beware this is mega pic heavy, but enjoy the slide show of me over the year.

January 2014 

I won the ENTIRE Alchemy Collection and I still squee every time I wear one. Love, love, love Cirque!
Cloud nail art was super popular last year and I couldn't get enough of it. I could still cloud in every combination!

February 2014

You can still join for this year!! Just shoot me an email ( to get on the list. We wear Red on Tuesdays to celebrate our favorite girls from Rosewood! This is one of my favorite designs from the season. 

This is one of my very first makeup posts. Yes, the lighting isn't the best but hey I'm a beginner!!  I love makeup and I am a beauty blogger so I can't wait to really get creative in 2015.

March 2014
This are some fun nails I did for opening day for our baseball team. Pittsburgh is a huge sports city and I love to support our teams! I own tons of yellow, gold, black and whites! I also love to support my local Indies. i am wearing a Lacquer by Lissa polish. 

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last year, you know about Frozen. This collection was made based on that movie and I dig it out at least once a month to have my daughter wear it. Cherish is expecting her first child (YEAH) so I am not sure of the status of her shop right now, but I will link her FB page where she posts most of her news. If she gets going again, you NEED to get in on these!

April 2014

I did this design to help welcome the spring weather. I love the spring and I most of all love April. It's my birthday month!! I think this design is one of my favorites. It is a little twist on the usual waterfall. It is pulled from a central point instead of all from the base. Either way, I love it!

May 2014

I had to put this one here because this product is one of my favorites. I love this product. So much, that I have bought more. I review a lot of products and sometimes I don't always love them. This one, I loved. It feels so good when I use it. My face feels seriously amazing when I am done.

This is like the perfect spring mani. The purple pastels are awesome mixed with the pinky dots. Again, I am repping my local girl. Link above. This is also when I got my new lighting set up. This is also around the time when I decided to get real serious. Step it up a notch!

June 2014

I picked this design because I really liked the stamping and color combination. The simple blue, silver and white combo really appeals to me.

This was my ready-to-go for summer look. I did a nice gradient and then stamped some fun suns on top. Bring on the sun!

I also used stamping for this. Was June the month of stamping? Must have been? I used a really fun stamp to create this black and white look and added a fun pink jewel.

July 2014

This is very special to me because my little girl had her first ballet recital with these nails.  I was so proud of her. She worked so hard to learn her dances and go to her classes and she did so well.

Having family members in the military and in our police and fire services, I fully support our country. I love 4th of July and wear our colors proudly! Here are a couple designs I did to show my support. 

This year we hit the 100th episode of Pretty Little Liars and I did lips, eyes and nails to celebrate. I got real artsy and real red and went to town. I can't wait to see what we have this season!

August 2014

I did a showcase for Indie sharing for the month of August. I wanted to pair up some of my favorite indies together to show not only can we wear two indies at the same time, but also they can look great together. This one I used Femme Fatale and Northern Star Polish. 
northern star polish, femme fatale, wishes of a blue eyed girl, buddy post

I did these nails for my son's first football game. He was #28 this year. He is a tight end and an inside guard. I was so proud of him this year. I wrote a really personal post about it. but I wore these with pride.
North Hills Nail Art with YouPolish decals, Orly and JustRica

September 2014

I started to work heavily with Mary Kay for the last couple months and I love their new products. They are really great quality and I love their new promotions. Here, I am using pinks. I love the pink lips.
Pretty in Pink from Mary Kay at the VMAs

I used more stamps to be featured on a nail challenge. I won the Color Club Holos a couple years ago and I still rock them. I love the way they stamp. 
Geometric Stamping with Color Club Halo Hues for The Nail Challenge Collaborative.

October 2014

I used negative space to create this fun and easy design. Negative space art was really popular this year and I definitely hoped on that train. I think they look so classy. 

This is a post I included because it was a product that grew on me. At first, I didn't really like it for me because it just wasn't for me. Then, I ran out of my usual product so I used it until I got a replacement.  Now, it is my replacement because I love it so much.

November 2014

This marks a huuuuge turning point for me. This is when I finally got to show off my weight loss. I worked sooo hard this whole summer to lose weight and I worked my butt off. That with the added stress of my new job I was able to drop back into single digit pants size. A huge boost in self esteem for me!

I just love this. A work safe design always lies in the double accent nail. I also just love the whole Wishes collection. It totally bums me out that PixieDusts are going away, but I will be sure to buy the ones I don't already own. 

Another one of my awesome combos from BEGL. I just love her. I have been wearing her polishes from the beginning and I can't say enough of how much I love Julie. She's a talented polish maker and a fantastic person. Love all around.

December 2014

So, this is when I fell in love with ILNPs multichrome flakies and wanted to make my own. I failed, but I still love the way these turned out. Love it!

Finally to round out the year, I did a really fun dotticure featuring Illamsqua and jewels. This was a different color combo but everyone liked it including Illamsqua!!!

What I learned this year? A LOT! I learned that I have to have patience. I am not perfect. I am worth it. I am good at what I do. I am creative. I do not have to conform. I should not conform. 

What did you learn this year?


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