52 Week Challenge- Saran Wrap

Ok, so this is my first Saran mani and I was a little nervous. First, I wanted to pick the perfect colors. I was torn between contrasting colors or similar colors. I went for contrasting, but still dark. I chose a tannish color and then a dark bluish purple. I love them together, but if I had a "redo" I would have went slightly lighter on the bottom coat. So I got my colors, Saran, extra remover and I was ready to go. I did do a little reading on tips for this' mani before I tried it. Best tip I found: make your Saran balls before you start. I also discovered with this mani that the Essie and Out the Door combination shrank my polish on the tips of my finger. I may have to do further investigation with this combination to see if its all Essie's or just this one. Without further ado--here's the result... Enjoy!!

Essie- Glamour Purse
Sinful Colors- Mesmerize
Out the Door


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