Hit Polish Review

So I bought, errr...ummm...5, polishes from Rachel Steele on her Etsy shop- D&R Apothecary Hit Polish. I was a little nervous at first because for a mini bottle it was between around $3 each!! I took the plunge because, quite frankly, I wanted a cute Steelers themed glitter. I ended up with 4 more.

So... Drumroll....
I love it!!! I used the "Steelers" polish on Saturday, but today I used "Treasured" (this is a discontinued polish) and "Pomegranate Ice". I absolutely looove the "treasured" more on the undie that I picked. I will be adding more pictures once I use all of them, but for now... This is what I have

"Pomegranate Ice" and "Treasured" are both on top of Purple Pizzazz Frost by NYC


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