I Went Naked...With My Nails!

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Yup, I did it. I cut down all of my nails and started over a couple of months ago. I wanted to get some ridges filled and stop some cracking I had with this lovely winter weather. Zoya has a fantastic little line called NAKED MANICURE. 
It consists of a base coat, perfector in a couple different shades and then a top coat. The perfector users diffusers, keratin, and reflective color pigments to create an illusion all while ensuring healing of your natural nail to help conceal imperfections. 
I've been using this set for about 2 months now and I have been able to grow my nails back out all while keeping them strong and healthy. I will continue to use this system in between manicures just to help continue that strengthening process and for a little refresher. 


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