Zoya Element For All YOUR Fall Purples!

**Press Samples**

Zoya just popped their Fall 2018 collection and it's pretty awesome! It's one of my favorite collections, well, because PURPLE! It has so many purple shades that I can't even stand it! I couldn't pick a favorite, so if you could... please let me know!
Zoya describes this as a blackened aubergine. Aubergine is like an eggplant shade. 
This shade gave my camera a little trouble, but I can't wait to start wearing this on the regular! 

Zoya describes this as a mulberry, berry creme.  I have to chuckle at the double berry! It's a sweet dark wine beauty. 
The vamp meter is going off with this baby!

Grape jelly! Maeve reminds me of an awesome grape jelly color. 
Still representing a vibrant purple, the dusty pull brings this color back into the perfect fall collection.

A beautiful periwinkle color with a multishimmer finish is what makes up gardner.
I'm definitely curious about the naming of this polish. It seems like it should be a green or something with that name.

Devin is a blurple with another multishimmer similar to it's sister above. 
I can't wait to try this with a matte top coat. It's going to look so hard!

Zoya describes this as a deep marsala creme. Kendra is one of my favorite colors! It's a great transition color. 
I can't with Zoya's descriptions sometimes. To me, it's a dusty rose....

Ok... This is the dusty rose with the blue undertone.

I loooooove this color! When I saw it, I immediately wanted to put on a big, comfy cream colored sweater and sip on my PSL. 

Purple toned sangria creme is how Zoya describes Donnie. 
It's a beautiful magenta that fits in perfectly with this fantastic purple theme. 

Red tone purple cranberry creme?!? Yes... that is Zoya's description. For me, this is a deep red that pulls blue. 
This deep burgundy is made to look great on any skin tone.  

A pinky rose with a shimmer is what makes up Maryann. 
Maryann is another one of my favorites. The shimmer is a gorgeous blend with color that it makes it so subtle. 

Raspberry rose creme is the Zoya description of Ruthie. 
I'm not so sure of the raspberry creme, but it sure does look like gorgeous. I loooove dusty anything, still. I will forever have a dusty preference and I can't stop!

Last, but not least! My favorite color in the collection is the mauve taupe with a beautiful shimmer. 
I love that this color offers a beautiful color while still sharing neutrality. 
This is one of my favorite collections from Zoya. I am a huge fan of anything purple and each of these colors touch somewhere on that spectrum. Go get every single one of these colors! You NEED them all!


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