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Wednesday, February 22, 2017


**Press Samples**

Rimmel Lodon has a whole new set of my favorite finish of makeup. The Only 1 Matte Lipstick is an all-in-one matte lipstick that gives you a long-lasting, moisturizing color. It gives you all day color without drying out your kissers. The specie formula is made up of emollient oil and a liquid polymer to give that comfortable, all day look. I have three out of the nine colors to show off to you today. 
Trendsetter is a nude, leaning tan color. I'm not a huge fan of nudes because they just don't look great on me. This one is a little bit darker so I will rock it. I always feel like I'm just slapping some foundation on my lips when I wear a true nude so I appreciate a swing in a shade lighter or darker. 
Call The Shots
This a a bright star berry red that is just perfect for this season. I think of this shade as a perfect transition color. It's dark enough for the winter season, but bright enough to bring us into the spring season. 
Take The Stage
The last color I have is the red out of the collection. I usually do not like reds at all just because, again, I don't feel as if they look good on me. For some reason, I love this color. The shade is just a little warmer and it just goes perfectly with my skin tone. 
Overall, I am totally digging these colors and the formula. For only $7.99 and availability at most drug and grocery stores, it makes the love even greater. They were all a smooth, silky application and literally applied like butter. I appreciate a no-tug application from a matte. Have you tried any of these? What do you think of these colors?

Saturday, February 18, 2017

KBShimmer Office Space Collection is Something You NEED to See!!

**Press Samples**

I am so excited to bring you this beautiful collection of office naughty and neutral colors. There are 8 all together and they will bring a certain sense of sass to your work day. They are currently available on for $9.25 each. Take a peek at each of them and let me know what you think!
Supplies Party
Supplies Party is a creme color with metallic and holo sparkle- which is called Birthstone finish. I actually used 2 coats on this to pull together a full opaque finish. I love the silver glitter up against the cream color. It makes such a great color finish. 

Staple Relationship
This deep gray polish is a perfect compliment to a office supplies obsession. It is scattered with silvery flakes and a holo sparkle. I would love the matte this one out to see what it looks like with a flat finish. I used 2 coats with this color to make for an even application. 

Makin' Copies
This pale white holo is gorgeous in the light and even more gorgeous in the light of a copy machine! There is a lean to it that will create a slight rainbow in the best kind of light. I haven't been able to catch it yet because we have had such junkie weather, but I will! I love this color to dress up the plain ol' white I have been loving lately. This is a three coater to get to that full opacity. 

Fax of Life
This beautiful grey polish is the darker version, to me, of Makin' Copies. It has a beautiful holo push and looks just as beautiful in any light. You all know the sunlight is the best light for these colors, but a good holo will bling in any light. I actually had to use 3 coats with this to pull up with the full opacity. 

Cubicle Pusher
KBShimmer describes this as a muted holographic grape color. I'll call it a grey plum color with holo scattered and call it a day! I loooove this color. It is so subtly pretty and easy to wear for a dressy occasion and appropriate enough for work. This one was actually a two coater for me and did a nice job covering in the second coat. 

Caught on Tape
Caught on Tape is a lovely light pink leaning mauve that is the most delicate creme for the office! I looooove these light colors lately and this is a perfect addition to my lovely lights collection. I have worn this several times and I am actually wearing it right now... Check Snapchat tomorrow to see the combo! Szizzy12184

Take Back Ctrl
Of course, this is my favorite from the collection. Take Back Ctrl gives me that power that I need to get me through those tough staff meetings that we all know drag on wayyyyy too long! I used two coats with this color to get a nice even coverage, but I could get away with one coat. KBShimmer describes this as a dusty rose that leans mauve. On me, I feel like it definitely leans more mauve but I love it!!

A Hint of Manila
Ok, now this is what I call office sassy! A Hint of Manilla is literally packed with all kinds of glitz. There is a tan creme base and then heavy holographic glitters scattered throughout. It is so subtle, but packs a beautiful punch. I have been falling off the holo train, but these types of nude holos just make me swooooooon. 
Ok, now that you got to see all of these, what do you think? Do you see a favorite? Have you purchased any of these yet? This is the first collection I have tried in a long while that I have loved every color. I will be wearing these all season long because they just give me that office space, bad bitch power secretively on my nails! 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sephora Skin Fitness Kit

**Bought It**

 I saw this little gift pack on sale at Sephora and I had some gift cards burning a hole in my pocket. I thought this was a great buy and there are a lot of products in here that I have never tried before. See what I love for the gym and what I can leave.
 Dry shampoo is my best gym friend. Since I bleach the poo out of my hair and my shampoo is super expensive and it's just not good for your hair, I don't wash it every day. I actually wash it once a week. I need a great dry shampoo to get me between washes and keep my hair looking fantastic! I have never tried Living Proof as a dry shampoo brand, but I do like it. The smell and the actual product is awesome. It soaks up all the yuck without making my hair look greasy chunky. I'll be putting this in the rotation next.
 This is my new FAVORITE product! I have one of my wrist right now and use it every day at the gym. It is the traceless hair ring by Invisibobble. It is a plastic hair tie that doesn't kink your hair even when it's moist with sweat. Trust me, I have tested it! I am a high intensity cardio freak and my hair usually kinks at the slightest hint of moisture. My hair does not kink at all with this in. There is zero trace of a pony tail when I take this out. If you don't have one of these and like to roll out of the gym and go back to work or actually do something, you need these in your life.
 Milk makeup is something that I have not used and then I actually got two Milk products in the same week. I looooove these multi-use products because it gives me room in my gym back. As a makeup freak, I already have a mega huge makeup bag so more room is always great! I have already used this as a blush and I love it. The application is awesome and the color is just this beautiful peachy pink.
 Purity 3-in-1 cleanser from Philosophy is a great gym pick! I always wash my face before the gym to get all of my makeup off and then after the gym to get all of my sweat off. A nice, light cleanser is a great way to do this. I have not used this one yet, but it's up next in my rotation.
 Evian facial spray is one of my favorite summer time and gym products. It's so easy to use and it's so refreshing. If I don't have time to shower, it's a great way to cool off and get rid of that sticky skin. It's also a great way to set your makeup look in case you are going out afterwards.
 Lavanila deodorant is an all natural deodorant that is actually good for you. I have never used this brand, but I have heard so much about it. I have been using it for the last couple of weeks and I actually like it. I was scared that I was going to be be smelly or it was going to irritate me. Negative to both of those. It has great odor control and wasn't harsh on my skin, at all. I actually might keep using this to do something good for myself!
 Of course, you always need a mascara in your gym bag. Sometimes, when I don't feel like doing anything else to my face after the gym, I have to at least throw on that mascara. Tarte Lights, Camera, Flashes is an ultra black mascara that curls, lengthens and magnifies your lashes. I mean, what else can you possibly need?? I'm a huge mascara snob so while I like this, I don't love it!
I looooove this moisturizer from Murad! It controls oil for up to 8 hours and has 15 SPF! I mean, hello, can you get any better? This contains willow bark and tea tree extract to help control the redness. This is also perfect for acne prone skin and is ideal for morning use. I actually use it after my gym wash, but either way it's awesome! Murad always has such great products.

What do you think of these? Do you like them? Do you have any of these yet? Which is your favorite?

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day Special Brought to You by Color Me So Crazy

**Press Sample**

Whether you love it or hate it, it's here! I'm not having such a hot Valentine's Day this year, but I am still going to rock all the love today! I decided to do a quick and simple mani because I just didn't have time to do something fancy. I have seen so many cute designs this year, but I just couldn't swing it. I'll just drool over all of yours!
I have not used any of my BEGL colors in such a long time so I was excited to pull these out. I put down Eden as a base coat and then just topped from there. I loooove the way Elusive Unicorn looks on top of Eden. 
 Now, I want to hear about all of your designs that you are rocking today. Are there any anti- VDay manis out there? I really considered doing one this year, but I decided to go with love! Always go with love and leave the hate behind!! I hope you all have a fantastic day filled with some kind of special love!!

Colors Used:
Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer- Elusive Unicorn
Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer- Counting Down Until I See You
Zoya- Eden

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Zoya Naturel 3 is Coming YOUR Way!

**Press Samples**
I am soooo excited to be sharing this collection with you! The first two Naturel collections have been soooo pretty that when I heard a third was coming out, I was psyched! Hang on to your seats, get ready to get Naturel!!
Zoya describes Cathy as a light pinky nude, but I feel like it really pulls straight nude on my skin tone. Speaking of skin tone, mine hates these kinds of colors. 
It literally just sucks any pink this color may have had out of it and reflects it off my already pink skin tone. Yuck! I have seen swatches where this color looks beautiful, mine just aren't one of them.

Now this... THIS is one gorgeous color! It is my favorite out of the entire collection. Debbie is just something so unique that I have never seen before. It is like Zoya took a deep plum and then threw just a taste of brown on it to make perfection! 
I have been wearing this as my go-to working color for the winter. I have been paring it with just about everything. I really can't get enough of how perfectly this leans between purple and brown. 

Now, here is the perfect milk chocolate brown of the collection. I mean, doesn't this look like a yummy chocolate bar? Gina is a smooth, two coater that is going to be so awesome for any upcoming nail art I might be doing. 
I'm not sure how many times I will wear this on it's own, but I sure do love how brilliant the brown is in this shade. Not to mention how close it is to a big GIANT chocolate bar! No hiding what I am craving here. 

Are you kidding me with this color? This is my 2nd favorite from this collection or, I guess, my favorite light color from the collection. It is the most delicate pinky nude that I own. I loooove this so hard! Zoya scribes it as a light mauve. 
I think this is the pink version of all time favorite Zoya color, Brigitte. Brigitte is a true light mauve color, but this is the more dainty, girlier version! Gorgeous!

Mary is described as a light raisin creme by Zoya. I think it's a lighter version of Debbie. It still has that slight purple lean to it, but pulls waaaaay more brown. This color is a trickery mastery in lighting. Sometimes I see a more mauve color and sometimes I see all brown. 
Mary was the only color from this collection that I actually needed a second coat for the true creme coverage. 

When I saw the name of this color, I immediately swooned. I mean- Channing Tatum- hello! It happens to be my least favorite color out of this collection, but it is still so pretty. 
I have seen swatches of this on people that have a little bit darker skin than me and it looks sooo pretty! Only if I wasn't a pale twig, you could see all of these in their true glory. 

What do you think about these colors? Do you love them as hard as I do? What are some of your favorites? Did you get to see my post on the lippy match ups? Sooooo much Zoya love here!