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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Beauty Blog Coalition Weekly Round Up

  • Color Me So Crazy: Formula X has a sweet new gel system and I have it to show off to you!
  • Beauty by Miss L: Yase Cosmetics Serum with Rhodochrosite Extract & Day Cream with Hematite Extract are freshly made natural products that have only up to 3 months and they need to be kept in a fridge. Leelo from Beauty by Miss L tested these for a 1.5 months and now shares her thoughts.
  • Makeup Obsessed Mom: Need a quick foolproof method to straighten your hair at home? Check out Stacie's post now.
  • Stepford Witch: Rouge Bunny Rouge is releasing an eyeshadow palette this fall & its getting us pretty excited!
  • Thursday, September 15, 2016

    Formula X XCEL and Delete All

    **Provided by Influenster**

    Today, I have a really fun and very useful product to show you. The System Xcel was given to me from Influenster to try out and share with you guys. The System Xcel is a 4 step gel process without lights or worry. In addition to this easy to use system, I have an awesome... like totally awesome... nail polish remover. Read on!
    Delete All is a nail polish remover that comes in a jar with a sponge. There are 5 little finger holes and some awesome formula. My previous mani was all glitter. You all know how difficult it is to remove glitter. The last picture in the collage shows the removal after only 30 seconds in the Delete All. I dipped them in for about another 30 seconds and it was completely gone. Just a little finger wiggle and magically removed! I am in love with this product and I will be repurchasing when I run out.
    Once my nails were free from polish, I started the system. There are 4 simple steps to create your at-home gel manicure. Cleanse, prime, color and then shine with a top coat. Each of these come in a simple bottle with a nice sized brush. The Shine has a little bit of a bigger brush, but I like that since it was a lot easier to put on. 
    Step 1 is Cleanse. This is a alcohol like formula that removes all oils from your nail and allows for a clean slate. Step 2 is Prime. Priming your nail is an important step in gel nails. This is made with Keratin and bonding agents to help everything hold longer and stronger. Step 3 is Color. As you can see, I used TGIF from Formula X as my color. With this system, you can use just about any color you want. Step 4 is Shine. Shine is the sealing top coat that is fortified with acrylic to allow for the shiniest of finishes.
    I have been looking for an easy-to-use gel system that doesn't require a light and can be used with any color. A lot of at-home gel systems can only be used with special gel color. I can use this with any color and instantly have a gel mani with the color I love. 
    Overall, this system was very easy to use. The directions are clear and simple. The brushes for the products are easy to use and the color combinations are endless. The only issue that I have (this may not be an issue for you) is that it took a really long time to dry. I am used to using a quick dry top coat so waiting for like 10 minutes was soooo painful for me. Spoiled issue but it was still an issue. I will be wearing this as long as I can without chipping so stay tuned to my Snapchat to see the results- Szizzy12184

    Wednesday, September 14, 2016

    Zoya Fall/Winter Urban Grunge Metallics Review

    **Press Samples**

    I am finally bringing you the second half of my fun Zoya Fall/Winter collection. I cannot wait to finally start rocking them. September 1 for me means Fall so bring on all those colors! There are 6 holos and they are $10 each.
    Zoya hays this is a linear holo with golden flakes. I say it's gorgeous! I'm not so sure about the linear part, but there is a holo there. It is more scattered than anything, but it is still super pretty!
    This is an awesome accent nail color and will be fantastic for a winter blues pick-me-up.

    Ok, this is one of my favorites from this collection. I am a purple girl at heart, so this screams out my name!
    Yes, true story. This is pretty much full coverage in 2 coats.I would throw a third on here but I am afraid it just might be too thick. BUT it's soooo pretty! 

    This color is described as a liquid pewter with a touch of black and gold. They put it in the gray category. Now, I agree it's definitely a metallic gray but I'm not sure if I see the black and gold in it. It is a great metallic almost on the chrome side, though!
    I actually only used 2 coats on this for good measure, but 1 would be sufficient. Now, you have to apply this very carefully because, as you may know, metallics can be streaky. Thin and careful is the name of the metallic game!

    Not the color you think Ash would be but it is still super pretty! This is a red with lots of metallic shimmer. I did see red and silver shimmer, but I am missing the gold again. I am not sure if it's because of my skin tone, but I feel like a gold shimmer would create a softer look. Beautiful color either way!

    This is a super pretty evergreen scattered holo. The color is very rich and vibrant and it actually looks awesome on my skin tone. I usually don't agree with the yellows or greens, but this one makes it!
    I used two coats on this one and these pictures are without a top coat; so you can see the ultra shine in this color. The application was super smooth and I didn't have any problems with this color. It's a perfect addition for the winter season!

    Yes, now we are on to the purple metallic. I am biased here with purple and I am sorry but it is just beautiful! This leans towards to the more red side of purple and does have a fuchsia gleam to it.
    I used two coats and it applied really smoothly. I always expect a super thick, goopy polish with metallics but all of these are really nice!

    Overall, I am in love with this collection. They are beautiful colors and a nice mix of finishes. They are great for a little accent during the Fall and Winter season. Paired with the Cremes they can make for some awesome party manis!! To scoop up the entire metallics collection, it is $60 or (as mentioned above) you can pick them up for $10 each.

    Tuesday, September 13, 2016

    Evian Facial Spray is Wedding Approved!

    **Sponsored by BrandBacker**

     A couple months ago, I brought you my love from evian Facial Spray and how I use it for my at-gym needs. This time, I want to tell you how it could be your savior during this ramped up wedding season. We all know that water, especially in its purest form, does nothing but wonders for your skin. It can also be a wonder to fix on the go. Want to know how you can use this to help with you or your gals big day? There is also a great giveaway sponsored by evian below!
    This little baby bottle is perfect for this wedding season for so many reasons. Not only is it TSA approved to make your flights easier, it has so many benefits. When applying this to your face, you can create a smooth, airbrushed look. It also cools your entire body and hair. It will instantly boost your hair, body and makeup look. Whether you are attending or standing in line next to the bride, evian facial spray will be a must in your bag. BrandBacker suggests putting this in your bathroom lounge basket for all of your guests to enjoy.
    The best part about this product is that it is made with 100% pure water that is tested over 700 times a day to check for freshness. We all know that water is great for your body, so think about how awesome it is in a spray form! Yes and yes!

    Don't forget about the giveaway below!

    Monday, September 12, 2016

    Madam Glam has Smoothies!!

    **Press Samples**

    Madam Glam sent me so awesome gel crellies to show you and I really can't wait to show them off to you! There are a total of 36 colors in this vegan and 5-free collection and I have 6 that I am going to give you a little peek at. For the most part, they are so easy to use- as long as you understand how gels work. The formula for these polishes are VERY thick- like most other gels. When you apply them, you need to work with thin layers. DO NOT glob them on thinking you will build faster because the polish will just burn when you cure it. Don't forget to prep your nails by cleaning them with alcohol and drying them completely.

    Plum Yummy
    This gorgeous lilac polish is a beautiful crelly with large gold hexes, red circles and gold micros throughout. This applied very nicely- thick, but easy to apply in thin layers.
    The awesome thing about this polish is that I didn't have to fish at all! What is on my nails in the pictures is what I got directly from the brush. I didn't cure this one but I can say it dried just as nice with a regular quick dry topcoat. Again, I cannot say it enough, do not clump this on. Light, thin coats is the name of the game.

    Pink Dragon
    This is my favorite color from the 6 I got to try. It is a light pink with large golden hexes and smaller golden micro scattered throughout. I love the pink and gold combos. I think they look so fun BUT also so classy.
    This one, again, was thick to apply but had a generous amount of glitter in each stroke. This is a little bit more sheer than the rest, but it also builds very nicely.

    Brain Freeze
    Bluuuuuueeee! I am not such a big blue fan, but this color is so pretty with the glitter mixed in. It reminds me of cotton candy or better yet, cotton candy ice cream! Yum!!
    Brain Freeze is a baby blue base with medium red hexes and blue micro glitters throughout. I actually ended up using 2 coats with this one because it was a little thinner than the rest.

    Peach Bellini
    This color is so fun! It was another favorite of mine and I think it's just because it's that pinky peach color.
    The base for this color is a light pinky peach and has medium pink hexes and multicolored micros scattered throughout the polish. The glitter and color combination in this polish just makes it so fun and irresistible. I did go a little thick with this one and do regret not going thinner with the coats. This color is pretty sheer so it was hard for me to build without going too thick. Next time, I would go with thinner and take the sheerness!

    Cherry Fizz
    Awwwww... that's what I said when I first put this on. It is so delicate and sweet looking. It reminds me of all my favorite things in the world! lol This sheer, light pink base is mixed with medium iridescent hexes and pink and iridescent micros. If you are looking for a dainty, but fun look this is your polish!
    I also wanted to mention that the packaging is awesome! The round bottomed bottles showcase a swatch of its contents in a clear plastic lid. The brushes are easy to use and the bottles are comfortable to hold. The bottles are actually decked out in a white holo.

    Lemon Delight
    I'm not going to lie, but I am soooo not a yellow person. I think it has a hard time with my skintone. I see soooo many fun yellow polishes, it just stinks that it doesn't look good on me. Either way, this is a super fun and festive polish!
    This canary yellow base is laced with medium red, green and yellow hexes and red micro glitter. It was easy to apply; again in thin coats to build. This color makes me think "beach"! I miss it already.

    All of these polishes are $19.95 and can be found here. Yes, that does seem a little steep, but these are gels so the polish lasts longer than most. I did do a wear test and I actually got a full 13 days out of it. If you are a gel lover and are in the search for an indie-like gel polish, these would be worth looking into.