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Friday, January 20, 2017

Zoya Loves KBShimmer

**May Contain Press Samples**

Today, I am just showing off one of my favorite wear-to-work looks. It is a combo of the best plums I have. I like to wear something neutral and then just a little bit of sass for the work week. It keeps it professional, but still interesting. 
Fig-Get About It is from the Fall 2015 Collection and it has stayed front row for me. I just love all of my purples, and this happens to my favorite purple holo. KBShimmer makes a mean holo! Mary is from the new Natural 3 Collection from Zoya. I will be showing you all of these beauties later, but this is one gorgeous collection and so perfect for work!
Colors Used:
Zoya- Mary
KBShimmer- Fig-Get About It

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Sephora Holiday 2016 Face Palette

**Gifted to Me**

This little pretty was gifted to me for Christmas by a fellow beauty blogger, Frost + Polish,  and I just have to share it because I love it so hard! This mega quad has 2 blush colors, a bronzer, a highlighter, a mirror and a pretty little package. 
All of these colors are so beautifully pigmented and look fantastic on my skin tone. Not only are these colors gorgeous BUT the packaging and design is so geometrically beautiful. 
They each have the perfect amount of shimmer without being overwhelming. I was a little apprehensive about the highlighter because of the purple and gold. I thought it would look more like a bruise than a highlight, but it looks fantastic. Don't forget to peep at my SnapChat to see how I actually use this. Szizzy12184, in case you don't know. 
Not only does this palette come with gorgeous colors, it also comes with a mega huge mirror that is perfect for applying all of this pretty. This was a holiday special and is no longer available on the Sephora site. I'm sorry to tease! 

Monday, January 16, 2017

Jesse's Girl Cosmetics- Lips Are Where It's At!

**Press Samples**

Today, I am so excited to start the journey of showing off my new Jesse's Girl goodies and sharing my thoughts with you. I have 3 different lip products that I loooove and I have even added one to my purse makeup collection. 
First up, GLOW STIX!! Hello! The first time I saw these beauties, I immediately thought of holo nail polish. Like, I literally said, "I wish I could put these on my nails". So pretty! There are three colors in this collection- and I swatched them all below. The second best part, next to the fantastic color, is that they are only $4.99 each. 
The GLOW STIX LIP GLOSS comes in the three shades shown below. From bottom to top, Tangerine, Red Dawn and Wicked. They are so fun to layer on top of your favorite lip color. I have two of them above shown on top of Angelic MATTE FINISH LIP COLOR- which we will talk about later. 
Next up, I have one of my favorite finishes for lip colors- MATTE! I'm a true matte girl and I get excited every time I get to try a new matte out. You can do a matte so good and you can do a matte so bad. Jesse's Girl happens to do it so good with the MATTE FINISH LIP COLOR
As I mentioned above, the shade that I am using is Angelic. It is described by Jesse's Girl as a carmel nude, but to me this is my favorite winter shade of dusty rose. It applies very smoothly, dries well and presses out nicely throughout the day. 
The MATTE FINSIH LIP COLOR stayed through  my coffee, breakfast, protein shake and then halfway through my spin class. Between the sweat and my constantly gritting my teeth and licking my lips, it disappeared. Of course, I reapplied after the gym and it stayed until I got home in the evening. There are 5 color all together in this collection and they are only $3.99 each. 
The last pretty I have to show off to you is the LIQUID GLASS LIP GLOSS. I'm not such a fan of lip gloss just because it is so hard to do! To make it not sticky and have it actually accentuate your lips, is a hard task to complete with a gloss. 
There are 9 colors in the collection from Jesse's Girl and they all have a sleek finish. Some have a holo finish, some have shimmers, some are just pure color sheen. This one has glitters throughout which makes it sparkle! The color that I am showing off is Idyllic which is a light lavender color with purple and pink glitters. I love this for a night out! It's such an easy way to class up a plain, dull lipstick. Each LIQUID GLASS LIP GLOSS is only $4.99.
I'm so pumped that I could bring you three totally different finishes to dress up those kissers. Don't forget Valentine's Day is coming up and you can order these puppies right from the Jesse's Girl website. For me, I always thought these could only be bought in-store. So, this is awesome! Keep an eye on for specials so you can try ALL of these!
Stay tuned for my upcoming eyes, nails and face post all by Jesse's Girl! 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Zoya Perfect Lipstick Round 2!!

**Press Sample**

Today, I am showing off the 2nd part of my two part Zoya Perfect Lipstick series. I went through the first set a couple weeks ago and now I am showing off these 6 beauties. These are $12 each and I have definitely fell in love with several of these. 

This first beauty is a beautiful fuchsia color. Zoya describes this as a little bit darker, leaning to the plum side, but mine was a super pretty deep fuchsia. I wore this one to work last week and I love the staying power. I would say I got about 4 hours through coffee and breakfast. That's pretty good for a 4-6 hour wear.

Matte Velvet Red
This baby I had such a hard time photographing. It didn't want to cooperate to show you it's true color. I think I did get it in the picture above, but I couldn't get that matte look too well. It is a deep, cooler red is supposed to dry with a satin-like finish. I got it to matte down after about 3 minutes of wear. It just took a little bit longer to matte down than a usual matte lipstick.

Maxwell came out to be a deep cranberry color, for me, as opposed to the deep plum fuchsia as described by Zoya. It has a little fleck shimmer throughout, but it was hard to get it out on the lip swatch. Zoya also says this dries matte, but I think it may be more like a satin finish. It is so hard to do a good matte without drying out the lip. I feel like this is so moisturizing that it is pretty impossible to be a true matte.

I have tried this color our before and I just really like it on my skin tone. It is red that pulls towards the pink side. I like it so much because it really is the perfect red-pink mix which I happen to like more when I am going to for red lip. It just looks better on my skin.

Paisley is a super pretty rose color. It does come to an opaque finish with about 2 layers. It is definitely a builder. I am using 3 coats with the swatch above just because I wanted to see how deep it would go without feeling too heavy.

Wren is the last baby of this set and I'm pretty sure it's my favorite out of this batch. This is a lovely pink, nude rose color. It actually doesn't look ghostly on me and gives me a little bit of different color on my lips than a normal nude would on my skin tone.

As you can see, ALL of these colors look different swatched on my arm. I like to see all lip colors swatched on my arm and then see what they look like on my lips. They are always so different. 

Overall, I did enjoy using all of the lipsticks and seeing how each of the different finishes look. I do have my favorites: Wren, Maxwell, Belle and Georgia. I am waiting for Zoya to come out with a non-traditional color collection and a totally matte collection. We all know they have the most amazing range of nail polish finishes, lets see what they can do with their makeup! 

Monday, January 9, 2017

DERMA- E Has A Whole New Look

**Press Sample**

Over the last couple weeks, I dove right into using the new-to-me Hydrating line from DERMA-E. I got to try the Day Cream, Night Cream, and Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid. I already love my DERMA-E products that I use, so I was so pumped to see what else they have. Also, RIGHT NOW, the Hydrating lines has an Essentials pac on sale for only $72 on their site. 
First up, the Hydrating Night Cream has that same fantastic smell as do all of the DERMA-E products. This product also contain Hyaluronic Acid to help heal as well as hydrate. I have used this before, so I am glad that I got to try it again. This retails for $29.50 on there DERMA-E website. 
It is very rich and makes your face, instantly, feel plump. I like the feel of no grease, but being pillowed on top of my treatments so they really can work. 
This is the first time I added DERMA-E in my daytime routine and I am pretty happy with it. The Hydrating Day Cream is a lightweight, full cream with wrinkle and fine line reduction. I love this during the day because it gives me a good, hydrated palette with my skin to start off my makeup routine. 
As you can see, the formula is medium in thickness. It is easily absorbed and applied. I did not get a greasy feeling after applying it, but it did feel adequately hydrated. 
The Hydrating Serum is a specialized serum to add an extra layer of protection and hydration. This actually works really well with my skin and I have been noticing a huge difference since starting this system. My skin is less oily and just has a nice overall glow. You can pick this up for $29.50 on their website-
All of All of DERMA-E products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, mineral oil-free, lanolin-free, gluten free, and GMO-free. AND it still smells fantastic! Some of these products may sound familiar, but look different. They are currently moving to new packaging. It's the same great product with a different look. 
Along with DERMA-E and their passion, we are expected to respect our skin with healthy ingredients, respect the animals by not testing on animals and being vegan, respect our environment by being green and respect our world by giving back. To learn more about the DERMA-E way, check it out here.