Squish This from Zoya!! Jelly Galore!!

**Press Samples**

Just in time for fall, all of these gorgeous colors are perfect transition shades to get you in the mood for that sweater wearing, pumpkin consuming, leaf raking weather! 
Alia is plum jelly and the first for me to show off from this trio. 
Along with the rest of these jellies, Alia is completely buildable. By buildable, you can layer as many layers as you want to obtain your desired opacity. 

This beauty is pink-red jelly that looks like a beautiful ripe watermelon. 
I like to keep my jellies squishy, so I don't layer them too much. You can also add a thin layer, stamp a darker color and then add another layer or two of the jelly for a super fun effect. 

Fuchsia is what Zoya says this shade is, but I think it leans more towards a pinky side. 
For this swatch, I used three thin layers. As you can you see, it creates a super shiny, glossy look. 
Overall, I am super happy with this collection. There are only 3 other jellies in the current Zoya collection so these are a welcome addition. I love all of the different options you have with a jelly as far as opacity goes and don't get me started on how many great nail art options there are with jellies, too!


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