Sephora Play! JUNE- The Good, The Bad and The Pretty!

**Bought It**

So, I got the above box waaaaay back in June. I got a chance to try everything in it almost to it's entirety and I am ready to share ALL of my feelings on them. The good, the bad and the pretty! 
Take the Day Off Makeup Remover for Lids, Lashes and Lips
The GOOD and the PRETTYIt literally removes everything! It's an all in one for your end of the day removal. It's also oil-free so it doesn't leave you with a greasy mess when you are done using it.
The BAD: You have to use a decent amount of this product to make some movement with your removing.  A big bottle is necessary! 
Power Play Foundation in N40
The GOOD and the PRETTYThis foundation is super light and all encompassing.  It's creamy and not oily feeling when applied.
The BAD: Cover FX claims that this blurs imperfections and is full coverage. I found that I still need add a layer of powder to cover those pesky, darker spots. 
Brazilian Bum Bum Cream
The GOOD and the PRETTYThe smell is the most amazing part of this product. Besides the smell, it's creamy and silky and doesn't feel heavy. I have tried this product before and fell in love then! It's also supposed to help improve circulation for a firming effect.
The BAD: You can only find it on Amazon or Sephora.... They need to start selling this in every store. Gas stations, grocery stores, like everywhere! 
Omnia Pink Saphire
The GOOD and the PRETTYThe smell is so fresh and light. In the floral family, it's quite the difference than the usual heavy, rich BVLGARI scents.
The BAD: I actually don't have one. I love this scent and it's one of my new favorites. 
Sea Spray
The GOOD and the PRETTYAgain, this smell is amazing. I am a huge fan of VERB products, mostly because of the smell. It's made of all natural ingredients such as sea salt, seaweed, kelp, quinoa, and sunflower.
The BAD: It's a salt spray! I just cant with these types of hair products. They kill my color treated hair. No matter how I use it- wet or dry- or what other products I chase it with, it still dries the heck out of my hair. 
First Light Priming Filter Face Primer
The GOOD and the PRETTYThis is tinted purple, so it helps with balancing out those pesky imperfections on your beauty. It's infused with prickly pear flower to help out with dry skin.
The BAD: For a primer, it's a little watery. It's a little hard to control when you apply it. I'm accustomed to a primer that's thicker and easily applicable. 


  1. I have heard of that Bum Bum cream. I have never seen it though and that must be why. The name is funny and cute. I expect it is for the entire body, lol.


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