Throw Back to the April Sephora Play! Box

**Bought It**

Ok, so let's just be honest... I will never be able to get my box out during the month it actually comes out on for two reasons. One, I get my box at the end of the month and that just gives me no time to play with my goodies. Two, I want to play with my goodies before I share them with you!
Ultra HD Perfector
This is like a step down from foundation, but a step up from BB Cream; at least in consistency and coverage. The cool thing about the Perfector is that you can build it for full coverage or just a dab for light coverage. 
Bye Bye Pores Pressed Poreless Finish Airbrush Pressed Powder
Soooo I can't give a full review about this because mine came completely shattered. Yes, I will still use it, but the whole pressed part of the deal is kind of shattered, too! This product is designed to blur fine lines, imperfections and pores- similar to a finishing powder.
Hi-Fi Shine Ultra Cushion Lipgloss
To just get this out there, I am not a fan of lipgloss in general. No matter the brand. I don't like the look (I'm a matte girl), I don't like the feel and I don't like the sheerness. It's just a personal taste. Either way, my daughter looooved this! The sparkly shine is spectacular and it has a slight minty/vanilla scent. 
Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask
This sweet mask revives your natural glow and keeps that moisture back into your skin. It smells amazing!! You can see in the video below that it looks just as pretty as it smells! The blend of algae, seaweed and lotus seed it just amazing. 
Skin to Die For No-Filter Mattifying Primer & Complexion Perfector
Another perfector!! This one leans more towards a primer that fills and perfects all of those imperfections. 
L'eau Rosee
Love this! The fresh scents of Blackcurrant, Lily of the Valley and Musk. Looooove! Not too fruity and just enough beauty!
Check out what Mars and I thought about our first look of the products!!


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