Sunshine from Zoya... 6 Different Ways. PART 1

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Ahhhh, summer collections! When Sunshine from Zoya hit my inbox, I was so super excited. The variety of brights, sparkles and pastels just screams warm weather to me. Since each of these colors really are super pretty, I wanted to make sure we had a chance to take a look at all of them in depth so I broke the collection in half. Check out the first half of the collection below....
Saldana is the "unicorn" polish of the collection. This is a blue iridescent holographic polish with micro and large hex glitters throughout. The color is so fun and can be worn over just about any color!
I chose to wear it over a pastel purple; which also happens to be the next color I am showcasing!
Zoya describes this as a full coverage amethyst creme. I described it as a pastel, but it truly is more of an amethyst color. 
For the summer, it's such a fresh and bright color. I love the opacity reach in just 2 coats, too! 
How fun is this color?? The bubblegum pink is so perfect for that lead into summer. Zoya describes this as a "summer pink". I describe a summer pink as bubble gum!
Full coverage for this color was achieved in 2 coats, for me. I personally love this color because the bite isn't so hard with the pink factor. In other words, it's not too harsh!
Now, here's that bright, wild pink. Zoya says this is the flamingo pink of the bunch. It has a blue pull to it to bring a cooler effect. 
While this color is very similar to Missy, it's not it. Also, now that I have been able to play with this collection, I am more than happy to try out water marbling with Missy, Sandy and Ellie. The girls together would look beautiful! Now, that is if I can manage to get a water marble down.
When my daughter saw this color, she was so excited. Her teachers daughter is named Ellie! We actually bought her this color as a teacher appreciation gift. 
Ellie is a full coverage "raspberry sorbet" shade. Sooooo, a deep pink with darker undertones. I like that it's not as bright as Sandy. It's definitely more my style.  
Ok, to be honest, I had an unfair bias I saw this polish! I'm not a red fan, so I was off put when I saw this color. 
Once, I put the color on, I loooooved it! A beautiful poppy red creme makes for a perfect Havana night.
Overall, I love this first set of colors! For $10 each, you can purchase any or all from


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