Revisiting Jesse's Girl Lipstick- 12 Times!

**Press Samples**

New LIPSTICK!!! There's nothing better than new lipstick colors, especially from such a great, affordable brand. I have been showing off Jesse's Girl products for quite some time so I get super excited each time I get a new one to play with. 
While most of these are not new colors, they have completely new packaging.
There are 12 colors in total and they range from a light, sheer nude to a bright sexy red. 
The Jesse's Girl lipsticks range from matte to creme to shimmer. 
Each applies smoothly and without any sticky after application. 
For only $4.99, you can't go wrong with picking up a few to rock through the Spring and Summer.
If you buy from the Jesse's Girl website, you can snatch up free shipping on orders over $20. You can also snatch these at most drug and superstores. 


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