6 NEW GlowsStix Colors to Jesse's Girl that You HAVE TO See!

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 I am a huge fan of Jesse's Girl products and I am an even bigger fan when there is a new release from an already great line up. I was proud to share the original collection of GlowStix a good while back and when I found out there were new colors coming out, I was so pumped! I thought these were the coolest things to hit lip color in such a long time. 
I was sent 6 new colors and 2 old colors and they come in a new packing with more product. Twice the amount than the original packaging. I have a little video comparison of the old version vs the new version so that you can see the difference for yourself. 
 As you can see the colors are not only amazing in the bottle, but also on the skin. In the video, you can see I swatched these over some brighter colors and then over some darker colors to see all of the options you have!  GlowStix are a true holographic gloss. This means they are on the thicker side and will build rather quickly. So, while you may be excited to slather this all over your lips, build thinly and slowly. 
There are 6 new shades in total and they retail for only $9.95 each. 
Did you get to try any of the original colors? What do you think of the new packaging? Do you see yourself wearing any of these?


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