Spring Ahead with these 5 Products from Sephora Play! Box

**Bought It**

This month was a great staple refresher for me. While most of these products were not new to me, they were products that I have had in my Sephora shopping cart for quite some time that just kept getting pushed off for the newest palette or lipstick. So... thank you Sephora for restashing me!!
Sephora Collection
Contour Eye Pencil 12hr Wear Waterproof 
I have this same pencil in the same shade- Flirting Game. I love it because it's not your typical black or brown. It's a perfect alternative to a full eye look on my lazy days. One of my favorite ways to use this is to line on the outer top and bottom and then use a smudge brush to pull it inward and blend. It creates a very subtle smokey eye.
Blossom & Bloom Ginseng + Biotin Volumizing Spray
I am a huuuuuge fan of everything Briogeo these days. From their shampoo and conditioner to their finishing creme. I love this spray. I've been using it on towel dried hair after my shower. I put it in a braid and let it dry over night. It comes out with the perfect tamed beachy waves. Not too much volume and I don't have to do too much frizz control either. 
Dr Jart +
Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45
I tried this last summer and actually kept it as my everyday wear all summer long. I love the coverage  and the finish. You only need smaller than a pea sized amount for each quarter of your face, if that. The SPF 45 is also very attractive for this product. Some kind of SPF if part of my daily routine and products that have over a 40 SPF is a bonus for me!  
Marajo Hair Care
Nourishing Cleansing Creme & Deep Treatment Butter
I have never heard of this brand or tried anything from them either. When I first read the names of the products, I was so confused because I assumed it was a shampoo and conditioner duo, but the "creme" and "butter" names really confused me! A conditioner and a deep conditioner? Nope... I am still not 100% sure, but I am assuming the Nourishing Cleaning Creme is the shampoo and the Deep Treatment Butter is the conditioner. Thank the lord for directions on the back of the samp packs! lol
Sephora Collection
Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick
Ok... I am in love with this shade. It's called Bohemian Purple. I really don't have anything like it in my vast collection. It's a favorite of mine because it's literally a quarter turn from my usual dusty rose shades that I rock daily. When I swatched this on my arm, I also did a wear test. It actually lasted through a full day of pulling my sleeve up and down and even throughout my gym session. 
Hypnose Drama Instant Full Body Volume Mascara
I am so happy to grab a sample of this mascara because my full size tube actually broke. Like I went to pull the wand out and the brush part snapped off. It's quite a funny story. I was on my way to work, running late, so I grabbed my mascara to apply on the way to work. I got one eye done and when I was reapplying the product on the brush, that's when it broke. So, here I am with one eye done and the other complete nude! I had to apply the other eye with just the wand. The brushless wand. I'm not even going to go in the type of beauty strategies I had to apply to get a look even close to the other eye. Either way, I am a huge fan of this mascara. I like the brush and I like the formula. 
What do you think about this months bag? Are you already a fan of any of these products? Do you receive the Play!Box each month? Do you have the same products in your bag?


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