Your Beautiful New Year from DERMA E

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When DERMA E comes out with new products, it makes me so happy! I love trying all of their items especially since most of them make up my every day skin routine. I have tried and come to love just about every product that I come across from DERMA E. I am going to share with you three **new** masks and a product that is not new to me, but something that I use everyday already. 
DERMA E is celebrating new beginnings with a new line of single use clay masks. They are purifying, firming and brightening. Let's learn a little more about each one! If you visit right now, you can get 3 for only $10.95 or a single packet for $4.
The Vitamin C Brightening Clay Mask comes in the yellow package. The brightening mask contains Vitamin C which helps improve uneven skin tone. It helps reduce those red areas, fine lines and wrinkles. Bonus: the Brightening Mask contains Tumeric and Kale. Both are antioxidants which help maintain that healthy glow in your skin. 
In the green packet is the Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask. This one happens to be my favorite just because I happen to need purifying more times during my month than most. This deep detox charcoal mask gets deep into your pores to clean out those toxins and then gently exfoliate to close them back up. I like the Purifying mask because it's gentle enough for my skin, but really does work deep down to remove a lot of built up junk in those little buggy pores. Bonus:  some great ingredients include activated charcoal, apricot seeds, marine algae and bladderwrack. What's bladderwrack? Well it's a seaweed that helps improve circulation, reduce inflammation and improves the skin.  Pretty cool, huh?
Firming Magnetic Clay Mask is in the purple packet. This clay basked masks actually helps your skin appear visibly lifted, smoother and firmer after use. It uses DMAE to help obtain these results. The magnetic properties of this mask helps pull out impurities to give the skin more of a plump appearance. Bonus: Adzuki beans and spearmint is what helps makes this clay mask plump and firm. What does an Adzuki bean do? They are packed with sooo many vitamins and minerals that help improve circulation.
Last is a product that I have been using for quite some time now. Hydrating Facial wipes with Hyaluronic Acid are a must in my gym bag. In a couple weeks, I will be sharing some of my Gym Time Must Haves and these are definitely on the list. For only $7.99, these make for the perfect pre gym wipe me off and post gym pick me up. I have been using these facial wipes for quite some time and even more in the winter since this weather kills my skin when I go from sweat to the freezing cold. Swiping one of these babies over my face post workout, really helps put enough moisture in until I get home to another DERMA E moisturizer.

Have you got to try any of these masks yet? Did you know you can also get DERMA E at Ulta, Sally Beauty and Target? 


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