Special Edition Kisses- Pastel Jellies from Zoya

**Press Samples**

Yes Zoya! Bring on the Spring! Zoya brought us a little sneak peek into Spring with a 3 pack palette of brand new colors that are perfect to wish on those pretty Spring flowers. For only $10 each, they make a perfect little pick me up for those yearning for warmer weather. Let's check them out.
First up, included in this pack, is a favorite of mine. I love to throw this color on just about any solid color manicure to spice it up. Leia was first introduced with the 2016 Petals Collection. It's a beautiful pearly iridescent shimmer. I swatched a finger over each of the new colors above so that you can get a sense of what it brings to each of these new colors. 
Vickie is grayish lilac color that fits perfectly in my love for neutral grouping. 
It's a squishy jelly and covers to what you see above in 2 coats. I like the coverage, but if you want to go deeper you could probably put another coat or two on. 
Princess is a lovely bubblegum pink jelly. This color encapsulates what comes to mind when I think of Spring. 
I actually did 3 coats on this one to achieve this opacity. I think that if you tried to do much more than that, you will end up with a manicure that would be hard to dry and end up looking too thick. Tread lightly and thin with this beauty and you will end up with beautiful results. 
Last, is Libby. I am not a huge fan of purple pastels, but this one is so pretty. It's not too bright and has enough pink pull to make it not too overwhelming. 
I used two coats on this manicure and probably could had added another for full opacity. The bottle shows a little bit of a brighter color, so if you wanted to build this color with a couple more layers you could probably achieve a more brighter color, as well. I am happy with this pretty jelly shade though.

What do you think of these three new colors? Would you wear any of these? Most importantly, are you ready for spring?


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