Zoya Party Girls!! Winter/ Holiday Collection- Part 1

**Press Samples**

Ohhhhh yes! That is what I said when I opened the box for the Party Girls collection from Zoya. The new Winter/Holiday collection features some really great colors to last you all winter long. I have half of them here to share with you today! 
Nadia is a sparking "ginger" gold metallic. I love this on it's own, but it can be used as a topper if you are looking to put a little sparkle in your weekday mani. 

Zoya describes this as a pearly, mid tone, violet, magenta. For me, it really leaned on the pinky side but in the sunlight, that pearl came through and so did that magenta. 

Ok, Every Winter collection needs that sassy red in it. This is that bright, scarlet red that just brings the sexy! I loooooved this color on my skin tone. It didn't lean too purple and it just look so elegant. 

Sheri is the darker version of red with the more garnet red in the collection. I love this just as much as the sexy red, but for me it's a little easier to were to work. My camera did not like this color because it think that blue that comes through Sheri pulls strong. 

Zoya describes solstice as a sparkling persimmon orange metallic. When I first saw this color, I thought it was a summer color, but now that I have been wearing it I see that it makes the perfect party color!  

Tawny is an amazing color! I have been wearing it all week. This is a coppery, rose sparking metallic. My camera did not like Tawny! It pulls so many colors in the light. It identifies as copper rose, but i saw some iridescence shine through. 

Overall, I am happy with these 6 colors. There are some perfect everyday winter colors and there are some party colors! I also love that they are totally mixable. If I am wearing a cream, I can easily dress it up with a metallic. Each of these can be found on zoya.com for $10.


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