Soft Surroundings Grand Opening at Ross Park Mall

**Press Coverage**

Ok so a couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being invited to an attending the Grand Opening of the NEW Soft Surroundings store in the Ross Park Mall in Pittsburgh! 
I have never shopped at Soft Surroundings and I was so excited to be able to see their items up close and in person! You know when you shop things online? It's just not the same as when you get to see them in person. You get to feel, smell and actually see what items looked like in person. 
I had such blast! Between the champagne, snacks and coupons, I had such a great time looking at all of the great items in store!
I snuck in a few pictures for you guys so you can see what I got to experience. Coming up in the next couple of weeks, I will have a great gift guide exclusively from Soft Surroundings and a New Year, New You featuring some great clothing items!!
If you don't already know, the Soft Surrounding mantra is to make us customers be good to ourselves and feel special every second of our busy days. Soft Surroundings offers such personalize to make you really feel special from their exquisitely wrapped packages with a special note in each one to their personable staff and homey store. 
I also learned what #livesoft means for Soft Surroundings and I FELL IN LOVE! I want to share it all with you so hang on...
"#Livesoft means you're living a inspired life. And YOU are a master at it! Yes, you. Because no matter how many things you have on your plate, or balls you have sailing through the air, somehow you make time for you.
You surround yourself with little things that mean a lot. Like clothes that feel soft and comfortable, but have style and artistry. Your home is a haven, an oasis, a reflection of you. And when you look in the mirror, you like what you see. (And you like to keep it that way!)"
From their clothes to their home goods, everything has a special, personal touch. Everything, and I mean everything, that I saw in the store I looked at and could picture in my house or on my body. 
I could picture gifts for so many of my friends any family in there. I also love that their mission is to help us live more satisfied and happy lives through the thought they put into their pieces.
So, have you seen anything that you like so far?
The jewelry were some of my favorite items. They were delicate but intricate at the same time. 

This necklace! I need to pick this up next time I go. I pictured it with any of my tunics or plain dresses that I wear. 

They also have a full make up section that features some of my favorite high end brands. 
The makeup section comes complete with a testing station that you are able try out a lot of their products before you buy. 

The skincare and makeup section is easy to navigate and there is a nice selection of products for all your needs. 
They feature Rodial and even had a Rodial consultant in the store when I was there. She was so knowledgable on the different types of products used for the different problem areas. 
With almost 60 stores across the country, you are able to see for yourself all the great items in store! Don't forget you can shop online at


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