You, BUT Better from Erno Laszlo

**Provided by Influenster**

I am suuupppper excited to share a really cool product given to me from Influenster. Erno Laszlo has an entire line of high end skincare and I was given a great opportunity to try out one of the three 2-step masks. I got to try the White Marble Bright, but there is also the Firmarine Lift and the Hydra-Therapy Skin Vitality Treatment. 
The kit comes with 4 packets of the powder and 4 packets of the liquid phases. You are supposed to mix them together with the spatula to activate. As you can see below in my videos, I was a bit worried that there was too much, but I didn't have too much excess. Next time I use them, I will be inviting my husband to join in. Minus the mustache and beard, he will have just enough face for the excess. 
I choose this formula because I do have a lot of scars and dark spots from my acne struggles over the years. Licorice extract, Lemon extract and Jojoba seed oil is the perfect combination to brighten any skin complexion. 
As you can see, I had a lot of fun using this and I will definitely be using the rest of my box. If anything, to see if there really is a change in my skin tone. Some tips I have:
1. Cleanse before you use. Erno Laszlo suggests to double cleanse.
2. Licorice extract does not mean it smells like that! It smells great!
3. Apply heavy and swiftly. This starts to dry quickly. Once you put it on, it's very hard to move around.
4. Use a toner to remove the rest of the mask.
5. No need to wash out your mixing bowl. It peels right out!
I hope you enjoyed my experience as much as I did!
If you would like to learn more about Erno Laszlo products, you can check them out at The mask set I was given retails at $80. 


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