Yes, Part Duex of the Sophisticates Collection from Zoya

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I am finally getting to show you the second part of the mega Sophisticates Collection from Zoya! Part one was filled with dusty colors that we all lust after for this fall! If you missed it, you can check it out right here!  This collection will yield that same theme.... gorgeousness!!!
McKenna is described by Zoya as being a soft almond with with a refined pearl. I seem to be missing that iridescent that is shown on the Zoya website, but maybe it's a lighting thing? I am ok with the soft almond on it's own, because everyone needs an array of nude shades in their collection, but I wish it would have had the shimmer in it; now that I am seeing the picture online.  

This is a perfect example of lighting and what the same color looks like in different light settings. I was going to retake these pictures, but I thought it was so important since I have been seeing such different swatches of these colors especially on the website. Zoya describes this as a deep burgundy plum. As you can see in the above picture, it shows as more of a bright red color and below shows as more of what is described. 

I am in love with this color! Zoya describes this as a deep, vermillion red cream, but I am screaming dusty roseeeeeee! Either way, I love this pink. It's deep enough to wear all season long. It also has awesome coverage which I love for a quick application. 

This is one of my favorite colors from the entire collection. I love every single taupe that comes by my way. This reminds me of one of the best colors (totally biased opinion here), Brigitte. It has that dusty mauve taupe color that I throw on as my palette cleanser every once in a while. The coverage for this color is perfection. Two coats and you're done! 

Ok. So I am going to be honest, this is not my favorite. I love that this is perfect for the holidays, but I don't love this color for regular use. Now, that is just my personal opinion just because I am sooo not a green person. It just doesn't look good on my skin tone. 

Yvonne is described by Zoya as a rich, bordeaux red. I really like this color. I usually try to stay away from reds unless I am going out on the town. I do like this color because it leans towards that vamp style that is perfect enough for me and not overwhelmingly bright; which I can handle. 
Overall, I love most of these colors. The dusty theme is just something that attracts me to this collection. The ability to wear most of these shades throughout the winter and into most of the spring is something that makes this collection even more attractive to me. You can scoop these up for $10 each at! Enjoy!


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