Seasonal Lip Color You Will Love from Zoya

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Zoya has been cranking out some fantastic lip colors and I was so excited to see the lineup for their Seasonal line. Sticking with the dusty theme of their Sophisticates Collection, the colors in this collection are some of my personal favorites. 
I will say that I am a little sad that there isn't a matte in the collection, but that's just my personal bias towards mattes that's giving me that sadness! Each of these colors applied smoothly and felt just as smooth during wear. Tommy was the only color that gave me a little bit of a struggle during appellation, but I feel like that goes with any deep, dark purple, black or blue. That's deep pigment makes for tricky application. I found it best to apply in continuous stokes in the same direction so you don't get the pigment balled up. 
💜Bristol is a medium berry tone that has pink undertones.
💜Izzy is a little brighter than Bristol which Zoya describes as a deep fuchsia.
💜Addie is a beautiful pinky nude. Zoya says there is a hint of apricot tone in the color, but I see baby pink all the way! 
💜Maggie is a deep wine color that has a pink undertone
💜Layne is the dusty rose from the collection. For me, it pops for baby pink.
💜Lucky is a bright pink, which I think closely resembles Izzy, but a little bit more pink leaning. 
💜Tommy is described as a saturated blurple. It leans straight purple, for me. 
Overall, I love these colors! I think that they would look great on any skin tone and make great season long collection items. Each of these are wearable straight through winter! My favorite is Layne and Addie, but Tommy comes in a top, as well. Each of these are available at or directly on their lipstick page for $12 each. You can also scoop up collectors collections for a variety of different prices that are available on their website, as well. 


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