Spring Renewal with Jan Marini's Hyla3D

**Provided by BrandBacker**

BrandBacker gave me an awesome opportunity to try Hyla3D from Jan Marini which is a skincare complex that is easily integrated into your everyday skincare routine. Hyla3D helps put the Hyaluronic Acid back into your skin that leaves your skin throughout the day. Fighting any signs of aging is something everyone should incorporate into their routine! Prevention is always key!!
Hyla3D uses a "3-dimensional approach" to help bring back hydration, texture, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and bring back plump and life into your skin! Jan Marini describes their 3-dimensional approach as: "1) Multiple molecular weights and forms of HA result in deep penetration and rapid, long-lasting, continual hydration. 2) Advanced technologies enhance native HA within the skin. 3) Peptides and antioxidants boost collagen and elastin".  So what does that mean? Hyla3D helps bring hyaluronic acid deep into the skin quickly and naturally all while increasing the elasticity and natural collagen in he skin. Good stuff, right?
I have been using an HA product for a couple years now and I have noticed such a difference in my overall skin texture. I have had such an issue with acne scars and I attribute my smoothing to my HA products. Hyla3D retails for $125 and you can find it at any of the links above.
Jan Marini has a Spring Renewal National Event page where you can locate a Spring Renewal National Event and enter for a chance to win weekly prizes!! Check it all out here http://apps.janmarini.com/spring-renewal/ 


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