Spring Nails Done by JulieG

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I just love a great Spring collection when it comes to nail polish. JulieG put out thee cute little 3- packs that are only $10 each. If you are thinking of buying, do it quick. The special is only good until May 31st. Now, on to the packs. 
This is supppppper pic heavy so stick with me. It's like a picture book. So, sit back, scroll through and pick your faves!! I'll let you know mine at the end!! If you love anything you see, just click the link at the begging of the picture bunches and it will bring you to that pack.

 Bikini is a super sassy Spring color. Coral is my color whenever the sun starts to peep out. It just makes me feel like summer is in my soul. This is almost leaning neon coral, but JulieG describes is as  "a light salmon neon pink". It looks way more like coral on me!
 This wears so nicely and dries almost satin. I love this finish and it's on a couple different polishes in the three packs. It's like a step between matte and creme. Mixed with this color, it's so pretty!

Dream in Pretty is a lilac that is just so necessary for every Spring collection.
 Dream in Pretty went on my nails so super smooth and I only used two coats with this color. I love the dainty look of this color.

 Tropical is an ultra pretty turquoise that is described by JulieG as a "neon turquoise mint".
 I just love this color. It's such a perfect transition color and I will be rocking this all summer long, too. I actually have this on my toes right now!!

Julie's Fave is up first in the 2nd 3-pack. It is a very pretty pink-coral. I think Bikini leans way more coral than this one, but it defiantly does have a coral tint to it. 
 Julie's Fave also happens to be my fave. I have worn it twice since I got it and I have gotten a lot of compliments on it. It is tame enough for work, but fresh enough to get me excited for some warm weather.

 Rio de Janeiro is a magenta color that is our brighter partner to Dream in Pretty.
 This one did need three coats, it was a little thinner than the rest of the polishes. It still had a great finish, but just a couple more love.

 Santorni! This is a beautiful light periwinkle blue polish that not only is a beautiful color but also has a special connection to me.
 I went to Greece about 15 years ago and this just brings me back to the beautifully colored houses, the beautiful water and the even more beautiful people. Looks like a need a trip back soon!

 Cabana Boy is the transitional blue that reminds me of a beautiful cornflower blue. 
 It actually reminds me a lot of Butler Please by Essie. Why do I love this one more? You can get this PLUS 2 more colors for the same price of Butler Please- if you can find it. 

 Fierce & Fab is one of my other favorites from this collection. This neon purple is another one with that beautiful satin finish. 
 I absolutely cannot get enough of this color! It looks fabulous on my skin tone, it wears beautifully and just cheers me up. It's a super bright color and will be one that will be at the front of my wear list throughout the summer. 

 Oh Em Gee is last (but absolutely not least) color in the 3rd 3-pack. It is a bright pink neon that has a little lick of red in it. 
 For me, this looks like it may want to dry with that satin finish, but it just didn't get there. I've seen other bloggers swatches and I have seen mixed reviews on this finish. It's so pretty either way! 
Now that you have got to see all of these beauties, have you seen anything that you must have? I will say that Fierce & Fab, Julie's Fave, Bikini and Santorini are my faves out of all of these. I just love Spring collections and these colors are gorgeous!! 


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