Number 4 Sugar Texturizing Spray for All Your Summer Looks

**Product Review**

Hey guys!! It's been a while but I have something so awesome for you! With the upcoming warm weather, it is so important to take care of those locks. Once the sun starts to get warmer, I lay off the heat. With that being said, I still want my hair to look good! I got into the whole salt sprays a couple years ago as an easy way to get a great look without having to do much to my hair. I was recently given a great opportunity from Number 4 High Performance Hair Care to try something NEW to me. I am so excited to tell you about this product because it really is super cool!
First, this is made from sugar. Sugar!! Not salt. How awesome is that? The Jour d'automne Sugar Texturizing Spray helps pick up your hair into loose soft, beachy looking waves. The spray helps cut the humidity and frizz out of your hair all while keeping up your texture. The sugar piece of this product is what makes it really cool. Number 4 says that the sugar cane helps to keep your hair flexible, soft and defined looking waves. Unlike most salt sprays which really dry your hair, this keeps it soft. I will say that the sugar did intimidate me, at first, but I got over that very quickly.
Not only is Jour d'automne Sugar Texturizing Spray a sugar based product, it is also vegan, gluten free, sulfate free, sodium chloride free, and paraben free. All good things if you, like me, have color treated hair. That was one of the reasons I had such a hard time using salt texturizers. I bleach my hair so I don't need that extra drying effect, I already have it! ha. It is a little sticky, at first, but once it dries it does have a soft, light feel.  
I am going to show you all how I use this on Facebook and SnapChat this weekend, but it's super easy. It can be used on dry or damp hair. A couple sprays from mid length down to the ends and then a couple tousles is all I do to create a fun, beachy look. 
In addition to making my hair feel and look great, it smells awesome!! Jour d'automne Sugar Texturizing Spray has scents to Tonka Beans, Patchouli and Spanish Moss. Total beachy smells that make me neeeeeed the sand between my toes stat!! For an almost 5oz bottle, this is super reasonably priced at $22. I have all the links below so you can check out where to buy and some more information about Number 4!

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