My First LipSense Experience!!

**Product Review**

Ok, so I just hopped on the LipSense train. I have seen so many people play with this regimen and I admit, I have grown more and more curious. When a friend of mine approached me about doing a review, I had to try it. I am going to do 2 posts about LipSense. Today will be a review of the products I got to try and the next one will be a comparison post with other long-wear lipsticks to see how it measure up. Stay tuned for that in the next couple weeks!
I got to use one of the most popular LipSense color- Bella. Each color is $25 and don't forget, you can pick colors up from Stephanie by using her distributor #280069 or emailing her at I am going to show a full tutorial on SnapChat and YouTube, but here are the basics:
1. Exfoliate. If you don't already do this, make it part of your daily routine. It's so important for those kissers!! I use Jelly Pong Lip Scrub right now .
2. Shake your tube of LipSense, well.
3. Apply 3 thin coats of color. This is important! You do not want to glob this on. Less is more- take your time!
4. Let each layer dry 5-10 seconds. Mine was around the 10 second mark.
5. Apply your Glossy Gloss.
6. Reapply your Glossy Gloss throughout the day!
Glossy Gloss is a sealant like top coat to keep that color fresh all day long. This is an important step in the application process because it sets the color. I always get nervous about gloss because they are usually super goopey and slimy. This one, is not. Very surprisingly, it goes on smooth and it feels like it seals in my lip color. A tube of Glossy Gloss retails for $20. 
Last is the OOOPS! Remover. This is everything in my life right now! I usually use makeup remover to scrub off my long lasting lip color but this does it all for me! OOOPS! Remover has an interesting formula. I thought it would be thick and syrup like, but it's more oily and glides right on. To remove your color, apply OOOPS! Remover and let sit for at least a minute. Use a wet, warm cloth to wipe off color. The directions for this says to wipe until lips feel sticky and no longer wet and then wipe with dry cloth. It took me a couple of wipes with the wet cloth and then I dabbed my lips dry with a dry towel. Don't forget to treat your lips with a little moisturizer when you are done. 
To purchase all three; color, Glossy Gloss and OOOPS! Remover, it will cost you $55. Worth it? I think so! The Glossy Gloss and OOOPS! Remover will last you a very long time because you only use a little bit at a time. You will only need to buy them once. The color is awesome! It's long lasting, pigmented and wears awesome throughout the day. 
Overall, I liked the LipSense system. It was easy to use, once I read all the directions. They are very important to the wear and use of the product. The color is gorgeous and something that I just love! The Glossy Gloss and OOOPS! Remover are both something that I would use multiple times with other colors and products. I am going to try more colors once I clean out my already overflowing lippy collection. I think the LipSense lipsticks are totally worth the price point because they actually do last all day long. No multiple reapplications and thus extending the life of your product! 
Don't forget to support my friend, Stephanie, and check out all the goodies from LipSense she has! She is available on Facebook and via email ( to answer all of your questions and anything I may have missed. She is waaaayyyy more of a LipSense expert than me so I will defer to her for technical questions. Stephanie is pretty awesome to talk to, too. So, if you are looking for a lippy chat friend, check her out!

Luscious Lips by Stephanie
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