Apalus Hair Straightener Product Review

**Product Review**

 Today, I am so excited to show you a new-to-me hair tool. I am a snob with my Remmington straightener that I have had for about 9 million years, now. I was given an opportunity to share this for all of you on my social media and I wanted to take a chance to share it on here. 
 The plates are made of fiberglass fabric which makes it easier for the hair to retain moisture and more uniform heating. The Apalus straightener goes up to 450 degrees and keeps an auto constant temperature at 365 degrees. I usually set mine a 360 because I already abuse my hair, so I slow and steady it when I straighten. This straightener also has an energy savings feature. In auto-standby mode, if it's not being used, it will drop to 120 degrees and then heat back up once it's picked up again. 
 Another really cool feature is that it auto locks at the temperature you are using if you don't touch the buttons for 5 seconds. This is to prevent you from pressing the buttons while straightening and moving the temperature around. I love this because I am always accidentally pressing the buttons while I am straightening; which drives me nuts!
 Overall, I am pretty impressed with this new tool. I am actually, sadly, moving over my old Remmington to put this one in it's place. I love the fabric plates. The way it straightens is so smooth and it keeps the frizz at bay. For only $50, this is a great addition. You can learn more information and buy this baby here
Stay tuned to YouTube for my how-to on using this and what I use in my hair for heat protection 


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