Jesse's Girl Fluid Shadows

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You have seen so many Jesse's Girl produce on my blog over the last couple of months and I have been saving one of my favorites for last. I have had these for quite a while and honestly, it took me a little bit of time to work them into my routine. Now, let me tell you how. 
The Fluid Shadows come in these little mascara looking tubes. There is a brush applicator and the fluid is kind of like a powdery liquid. It's not watery, but not too thick. The Fluid Shadows come in 12 different shades and retail for $4.99 each. 
 As you can see, there is a variety of colors. I have tried using these in so many different ways and I am finally ready to share with you all how I fit them in to my routine. So, at first, I used them as I would a regular shadow. Mistake. They dry too quickly to blend or mix together. When I tried to layer them on, I ended up with about 8lbs of Jesse's Girl on my lids. The best way to blend these is to do it ahead of time and then use a brush to put it on your lids. My favorite way to use this is as a colored liner. Depending on my mood, I choose a color and whip it quick across my lid. It's a quick and sassy way to dress up my eye.
Now that I have worked the Jesse's Girl Liquid Shadows into my daily routine, it's going to be so easy to do my summer makeup. Since this dries so quick and stays so nicely, it's a perfect pair for my quick, carefree summer looks! If you have been following on SnapChat- SZIZZY12184, you would be catching my latest Jesse's Girl looks! 


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