What I'm Changing

For quite some time I have been wanting to make a transition with my blog, but I have just been stuck  in a rut. Today is the day that I am going to do it! I want to share with you all of my life experiences instead of just my beauty experiences. I believe that in some way or another, they all have a great level of beauty and we shouldn't be pigeonholed into just one way of thinking of beauty. 
I think of beauty not only in makeup terms, but in terms of life, family, laughing and health. I really feel like you all have been missing out. I feel like I have been missing out by not sharing ALL of the true craziness that happens to me and my family by just showing you make up.
Now, I am not going to stop showing you all the pretty makeup out there because it's just something that I love. I just want to show you more. I have recently had some personal things happen to me that have severely change the outlook of my life. Writing is one of the ways that I feel will help me get through these changes. 
Some things I will feel comfortable sharing and some things, I just won't be ready to share. I urge you to ask questions and share your experiences along the way, as well. I want this to be a learning experiences for all of us involved. 
So, from now on, I will be sharing my fitness experiences and my journey to a new body and soul. I will be sharing how to feel good about yourself inside- or at least what helps me. I will be sharing more family activities. We do so many fun things together and my family is just a hoot. There is no way I can't share that with you. I will be also sharing with you any struggles that I hit along the way. This is important to me to show you that my life isn't just playing with make up all day, but I do real life things, too!

I hope you do stay on board with me on this new journey. I hope that you share with me what you want to learn and what you want to see that will help you. I want to know what makes you laugh and what makes you grrrrr. Here's to a new sort of 'Make Me Pretty'.


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