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I had a little Sephora loot from Christmas- yes, I still have some leftover Sephora money from Christmas. NO, I am not sick.. lol. Anyway, I decided to purchase a couple of these little sample boxes. I got to show you the Skin Fitness Kit a week ago and now I am going to show you the Scouted by Sephora box. Of course, there's drama involved... stay tuned. 
First up, Milk Makeup mascara. This mascara comes in a lipgloss like tube instead of the traditional mascara tube. I actually like it for traveling purposes because it's small. The brush is an hourglass shape and the bristles are pretty spread out. I actually like the brush, a lot. The application and formula is pretty great, too. I will be reusing this product. As far as a repurchase, it's probably a no because I can't have a monogamous relationship with a single mascara. I just can't do it. This is the third Milk Makeup product that I have used and I am totally digging all that they are about! 
What my son refers to as, "that eye thing that you put on when you sleep", is actually the Original Makeup Eraser. All you do is put a little warm water on this baby, wring it out and then start the deconstruction process. It's a gentle polyester woven cloth that promises to remove all types of makeup including sports and stage makeup. We shall see when it comes time to remove my waterproof wedding makeup. 
Such a sad story about the Grande Lips hydrating lip plumper. I went to open it to use it and the doe foot was detached from the applicator. Sooooo sad 😢😢😢. So, I can't really say anything about this; except Sephora customer service was awesome in the replacement of this product. I'm kind of ok with getting a different product because I happened to accumulate 3 lip plumpers in the last 2 months.
These little lipstick matchsticks from Besame Cosmetics is such a great idea, in theory. The only problem is the packaging. As you can see in the picture, the product came off on the top of the matchbook just because that's all that is keeping the product from anything- a little paper matchbook. I also happen to be hating on red lately, so that's not good. These are also kind of hard to apply. I had to use 1 and a half for my lips. Meh, good idea in theory. There are 6 different colors available. These would be great for an all day event where you need a quick application- put it in a bagged first. 
Last, I have a fatty multi-use crayon from Wander Beauty. It's a lip and cheek crayon that you can even use on your eyes!! I did it! An all rose look with this little baby. This is in the color Pink City and is a sheer color. It's perfect for a little cheek color and lip tint.

Overall, I do like this box. The collection of products were all something I have never tried again so it was neat to be introduced to new products. I also found some great things to travel with on my upcoming trip. Stay tuned to snapchat for all the goodies from my week of travel. 


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