Influenster presents Polo Red Extreme by Ralph Lauren

**Gifted by Influenster**

 When this showed up at my door as an Influenster Box, I was like "wait, this isn't for me". Then I thought, "wait, this is perfect for hubs". He used to be real into smelling good and then he just let it slip. For Christmas, I got him a sampler box from Sephora so he could get back into it. He has been loving trying all the new scents and seeing what is out there now. Polo Red Extreme is another great sample for him to try. 
So far, I have liked the scent. I haven't smelled it on him yet, but on it's own, it's super sexy. This has tones of blood orange, black coffee and ebony wood. The price for this is pretty average so it's very affordable. I can't wait to actually see how this smells on the hubs, but I think it will be perfect and super sexy manly!! 


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