Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

**May Contain Press Samples**

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!! This is the first SPD mani I have done in a couple of years. I am trying to get back into my creative mode again and nail art is baby steps. I actually did these a couple days ago because I am rocking some champagne and navy blue nails. Why, you ask?
Well, my brother is getting married today, I love my SPD manis to be loud and very gold, so I had to skip celebrating on the actual day. Well, hold on, we will celebrate but just not with green nails. For this design, I did a dry marble on my pointer and pinkie nail and then a straight glitter bomb on my ring finger. I did a super abstract dry marble shamrock on my middle finger. Super easy, but excellent for this holiday! 
Colors Used:
Zoya- Wyatt
Zoya- Jace
Milani- 510 3D
Madam Glam- Spicy Sahara


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