Zoya Neutral Lipstick and Some Nails to Match

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Ok, ok!! Today, I am bringing you some pigmented neutral lipsticks matched up with a perfect nail polish counterpart. Zoya Perfect Lipsticks come in 13 different shades and are $12. Be sure to follow Zoya on all of their channels because they are a brand that has soooo many promotions. 
This is a creamy, satin finished nude color. I'm usually not a fan of nudes just because they look horrible on me. It's a personal thing. I do love the pigment of this color, though. It's full of color and the formula is spot on with the rest of the wonderful Perfect collection. 
I chose Gina as a match with this lippy because of the dark/ light contrast. Gina is a brown in it's most perfect shade; which you will see a little later on my actual nails. 
This is a lovely rose colored lipstick that is opaque with a couple swipes. In the swatch above, I have two layers on and you can see that it is still quite translucent, but still has a beautiful pigment. 
I choose Jill to pair with Paisley because they both have a rose theme to them. Jill is a sweet dusty mauve and up next to the beauty of Paisley, they are the perfect pair.
Zoya describes this as a "deep plum with a subtle fuchsia fleck in a modern matte finish". For me, this was more of a deep burgundy vamp that loved me soooo good! Everyone loves a good red, but not everyone looks good in red. I am one of those people, so I try to find some a little darker than straight red to help. This one does it for me. Straight sleek, vamp and sexy!
I matched this up with Tatum because there is just something so wintery and magical about a deep sexy vamp color up against a light nude. So yummy!
What do you think of these colors? Neutrals? Maybe not, but they do hit the winter color spectrum for me! Do you see anything you like?


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