Zoya Naturel 3 is Coming YOUR Way!

**Press Samples**
I am soooo excited to be sharing this collection with you! The first two Naturel collections have been soooo pretty that when I heard a third was coming out, I was psyched! Hang on to your seats, get ready to get Naturel!!
Zoya describes Cathy as a light pinky nude, but I feel like it really pulls straight nude on my skin tone. Speaking of skin tone, mine hates these kinds of colors. 
It literally just sucks any pink this color may have had out of it and reflects it off my already pink skin tone. Yuck! I have seen swatches where this color looks beautiful, mine just aren't one of them.

Now this... THIS is one gorgeous color! It is my favorite out of the entire collection. Debbie is just something so unique that I have never seen before. It is like Zoya took a deep plum and then threw just a taste of brown on it to make perfection! 
I have been wearing this as my go-to working color for the winter. I have been paring it with just about everything. I really can't get enough of how perfectly this leans between purple and brown. 

Now, here is the perfect milk chocolate brown of the collection. I mean, doesn't this look like a yummy chocolate bar? Gina is a smooth, two coater that is going to be so awesome for any upcoming nail art I might be doing. 
I'm not sure how many times I will wear this on it's own, but I sure do love how brilliant the brown is in this shade. Not to mention how close it is to a big GIANT chocolate bar! No hiding what I am craving here. 

Are you kidding me with this color? This is my 2nd favorite from this collection or, I guess, my favorite light color from the collection. It is the most delicate pinky nude that I own. I loooove this so hard! Zoya scribes it as a light mauve. 
I think this is the pink version of all time favorite Zoya color, Brigitte. Brigitte is a true light mauve color, but this is the more dainty, girlier version! Gorgeous!

Mary is described as a light raisin creme by Zoya. I think it's a lighter version of Debbie. It still has that slight purple lean to it, but pulls waaaaay more brown. This color is a trickery mastery in lighting. Sometimes I see a more mauve color and sometimes I see all brown. 
Mary was the only color from this collection that I actually needed a second coat for the true creme coverage. 

When I saw the name of this color, I immediately swooned. I mean- Channing Tatum- hello! It happens to be my least favorite color out of this collection, but it is still so pretty. 
I have seen swatches of this on people that have a little bit darker skin than me and it looks sooo pretty! Only if I wasn't a pale twig, you could see all of these in their true glory. 

What do you think about these colors? Do you love them as hard as I do? What are some of your favorites? Did you get to see my post on the lippy match ups? Sooooo much Zoya love here!


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