February Ipsy... Saying Goodbye to Ipsy

**Bought It**

This is my last Ipsy bag and I'm feeling kind of sad and kind of happy. First, of course, I am going to be sad to say goodbye to any steady flow of beauty products. This relationship just had to end. Ipsy was killing me with a stream of crap eyeliners every month. I know, I know... you are saying this is all about eyeliners? Yes! Several months in a row, I would tweet, status, snapchat, insta, blog, everything to tell them to stop with the liners. I was just sick of getting a hit or miss and not liking what I got consistently. So, I had to say goodbye!  
Roscara Blow Dry Perfection Heat Protectant Creme
While I have not had a chance to use this product yet, I think it's super important to keep an arsenal of hair products on hand. I love trying different hair  treatments because I abuse the crap out of my hair so I have to love it as much as I can. I have tried a couple different Briogeo products and I have liked them all. Even when I am not using a straightener or blow dryer, I use a heat protectant because I work out and I bleach my hair. There is a lot of damage going on everywhere so a little added protection  won't hurt. 
Elizabeth Mott
Whatup Beaches
A matte bronzer!! Yes!! I really do like Elizabeth Mott products, so I am pumped another one landed in my bag. I am happy that this is a matte bronzer so that I can wear it all year long and during the week at work. It's just the perfect amount of shadow without overdoing it.  
Natural Lip Balm in Vanilla
This was a little bonus I got with some points. Thank god I cashed out when I did becuase now that I canceled, the rest of my points went down the toilet. I don't like that I am not able to use the rest of them- low blow Ispy... low blow. Anyway, I actually got this for my daughter for has constant chapped lips during the winter time. She also happens to have the most sensitive skin. This is perfect for her. Also, unlike a lot of other all natural lip balms, this one actually tastes great. Winning!

Trust Fund Beauty
Nail Polish in the shade $12 Latte
This is the second Trust Fund Beauty polish that I now own. I really like the formula and the colors of both. The only thing that I don't like is the brush. I really believe that the brush makes or breaks a polish and for me this brush is just a little too thin. If it was a tad bit fatter, it would make such a huge difference. This color is so awesome, too! It's a deep brown that leans on the purple side and it's just sweet. A possible dupe for my new fave- Deb from Zoya.  
Butter Lipstick in the shade Ripe Berry
I actually have a couple of the Butter Lippys from NYX thanks to Ipsy. I do love the formula and it does apply soooo super buttery. The only thing I don't like is that this formula feathers so easily. Be sure to put that liner on to keep all that goodness in place. I do like this color. It's not a red and it leans just so dark enough for me. Perfect for the winter! 
Luxie Beauty
Blush Brush 514
I always love getting new beauty tools. I mean who doesn't?  Luxie offers a vegan, synthetic and cruelty free product. It's also a super pretty color! Rose gold everything!! Yes, please.  
So, while I am sad to say goodbye to Ispy, I am happy that I am keeping my Sephora Play! box. I just can't justify getting 5 super deluxe brand name products every month vs something that I may or may not like and brands that are mehhh for the same price. Sephora has treated me wayyyyy better and has way more perks. Sorry Ipsy! Step it up and maybe we can date again! 


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