Zoya Perfect Lipstick Round 2!!

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Today, I am showing off the 2nd part of my two part Zoya Perfect Lipstick series. I went through the first set a couple weeks ago and now I am showing off these 6 beauties. These are $12 each and I have definitely fell in love with several of these. 

This first beauty is a beautiful fuchsia color. Zoya describes this as a little bit darker, leaning to the plum side, but mine was a super pretty deep fuchsia. I wore this one to work last week and I love the staying power. I would say I got about 4 hours through coffee and breakfast. That's pretty good for a 4-6 hour wear.

Matte Velvet Red
This baby I had such a hard time photographing. It didn't want to cooperate to show you it's true color. I think I did get it in the picture above, but I couldn't get that matte look too well. It is a deep, cooler red is supposed to dry with a satin-like finish. I got it to matte down after about 3 minutes of wear. It just took a little bit longer to matte down than a usual matte lipstick.

Maxwell came out to be a deep cranberry color, for me, as opposed to the deep plum fuchsia as described by Zoya. It has a little fleck shimmer throughout, but it was hard to get it out on the lip swatch. Zoya also says this dries matte, but I think it may be more like a satin finish. It is so hard to do a good matte without drying out the lip. I feel like this is so moisturizing that it is pretty impossible to be a true matte.

I have tried this color our before and I just really like it on my skin tone. It is red that pulls towards the pink side. I like it so much because it really is the perfect red-pink mix which I happen to like more when I am going to for red lip. It just looks better on my skin.

Paisley is a super pretty rose color. It does come to an opaque finish with about 2 layers. It is definitely a builder. I am using 3 coats with the swatch above just because I wanted to see how deep it would go without feeling too heavy.

Wren is the last baby of this set and I'm pretty sure it's my favorite out of this batch. This is a lovely pink, nude rose color. It actually doesn't look ghostly on me and gives me a little bit of different color on my lips than a normal nude would on my skin tone.

As you can see, ALL of these colors look different swatched on my arm. I like to see all lip colors swatched on my arm and then see what they look like on my lips. They are always so different. 

Overall, I did enjoy using all of the lipsticks and seeing how each of the different finishes look. I do have my favorites: Wren, Maxwell, Belle and Georgia. I am waiting for Zoya to come out with a non-traditional color collection and a totally matte collection. We all know they have the most amazing range of nail polish finishes, lets see what they can do with their makeup! 


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