VivSlim Premium Weight Loss and Cleanse Program: Did It Measure Up?

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I had an opportunity to try out a weight loss and appetite control product. I have recently put on a little weight and I was looking for a way to help me boost a little kickstart. When I was approached about this, there were several factors that I wanted to look into before I took the leap. First, it was important that there weren't any negative interactions with the medications I was already taking. Second, I wanted to double check all of the ingredients to make sure they weren't going to be harmful to me and that I have already tried them. 
I started this little golden pill about 4 weeks ago. I took it on my way to work every morning, before I ate breakfast. It is directed to take this way or after breakfast. 
A little background behind the way VivSlim works. The ingredients for this little golden pill include Tarragon Leaf, Phyllium Husk, Medical Amylum, Jobsteers Seed, Bitter Orange Fruit, Lotus Leaf, Mulberry Leaf, Konjac Root, and Cassia Seed. This blend is designed to create a smooth weight loss process that curbs your hunger and increases your energy throughout the day. 
My experience: Maybe I need another round? I didn't experience any weight loss at all. Lose up to 25 pounds? Not for me. I exercise 5 days a week and eat extremely healthy so for me to not lose anything and just maintain is crazy to me. It was almost like I started using these and I was gaining. 

Looks pretty much the same, right? Maybe I had the placebo batch? 


Have you ever heard of this brand? Have you used a supplement similar to it? You can learn more about VivSlim here.


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