Sole Patches for the Sake of Your Feet!

**Provided by BrandBacker**
Sole Patches have been on my mind for quite some time since I saw them on someone's Insta post. While most of my shoes are so super comfortable, I have a couple that I wear for special occasions that are not so comfortable. The comfort factor usually is a turn off for me; especially when I am going out and on my feet a lot. 
My job requires me to be on my feet just about the entire day. I also like to look good on my feet so, Sole Patches are awesome. I actually tested them on a day where I had a major event that I knew I was going to be running around. I wore nude colored pumps and went to town. I put them just on the balls of my feet because that is what usually gives me the most of my problems. I wanted to test them on my heel, but I don't have a shoe that gives me any heel trouble. 
I also learned that I don't need to just use Sole Patches in my shoe, but I can also use them on my foot by sticking them to my skin. I have not tried this yet and I am a little nervous to do so in case I have some sort of sensitivity to them.

Overall, I really liked this product. They were easy to use and actually very comfortable. I was worried that they would make my shoe cramped, but it didn't feel different. It was light and it almost felt like it was a soft pillow in my shoe. I would purchase these again because they worked for me, were easy to use and a lot of people like to use them. Also, stay tuned on SnapChat for a peek of my day in Sole Patches


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