Jesse's Girl Cosmetics- Lips Are Where It's At!

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Today, I am so excited to start the journey of showing off my new Jesse's Girl goodies and sharing my thoughts with you. I have 3 different lip products that I loooove and I have even added one to my purse makeup collection. 
First up, GLOW STIX!! Hello! The first time I saw these beauties, I immediately thought of holo nail polish. Like, I literally said, "I wish I could put these on my nails". So pretty! There are three colors in this collection- and I swatched them all below. The second best part, next to the fantastic color, is that they are only $4.99 each. 
The GLOW STIX LIP GLOSS comes in the three shades shown below. From bottom to top, Tangerine, Red Dawn and Wicked. They are so fun to layer on top of your favorite lip color. I have two of them above shown on top of Angelic MATTE FINISH LIP COLOR- which we will talk about later. 
Next up, I have one of my favorite finishes for lip colors- MATTE! I'm a true matte girl and I get excited every time I get to try a new matte out. You can do a matte so good and you can do a matte so bad. Jesse's Girl happens to do it so good with the MATTE FINISH LIP COLOR
As I mentioned above, the shade that I am using is Angelic. It is described by Jesse's Girl as a carmel nude, but to me this is my favorite winter shade of dusty rose. It applies very smoothly, dries well and presses out nicely throughout the day. 
The MATTE FINSIH LIP COLOR stayed through  my coffee, breakfast, protein shake and then halfway through my spin class. Between the sweat and my constantly gritting my teeth and licking my lips, it disappeared. Of course, I reapplied after the gym and it stayed until I got home in the evening. There are 5 color all together in this collection and they are only $3.99 each. 
The last pretty I have to show off to you is the LIQUID GLASS LIP GLOSS. I'm not such a fan of lip gloss just because it is so hard to do! To make it not sticky and have it actually accentuate your lips, is a hard task to complete with a gloss. 
There are 9 colors in the collection from Jesse's Girl and they all have a sleek finish. Some have a holo finish, some have shimmers, some are just pure color sheen. This one has glitters throughout which makes it sparkle! The color that I am showing off is Idyllic which is a light lavender color with purple and pink glitters. I love this for a night out! It's such an easy way to class up a plain, dull lipstick. Each LIQUID GLASS LIP GLOSS is only $4.99.
I'm so pumped that I could bring you three totally different finishes to dress up those kissers. Don't forget Valentine's Day is coming up and you can order these puppies right from the Jesse's Girl website. For me, I always thought these could only be bought in-store. So, this is awesome! Keep an eye on for specials so you can try ALL of these!
Stay tuned for my upcoming eyes, nails and face post all by Jesse's Girl! 


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