Hfun Nail Care Set

**Product Review**

Nail care is so important to me. Especially when I am taking pictures up close of my hands to show to thousands of people. Using the proper tools is important when taking care of your nails. There are so many different tools out there and today, I am going to show you some from Hfun!
I was sent this little kit to try out and it's soooo super cute! It came in a little tin with a nail brush, clippers and a file. The toenail clippers are stainless steel and made with the highest quality products. 
The nail clippers come with an extra long handle to make for easier clipping. They can be used with either your finger or toenails. the great thing about this is it comes with a nail catcher to make for easier cleanup. 
The kit also comes with a very unique looking nail file. It has a large handle to make for easier control. You get precise movement for the tip of your nail. 
This kit from Hfun has super cute packaging and it would be a great gift for someone that finds nail care important, too. You can currently find this online on Amazon for only $16.99. Now, what I want to know is what is your can't-live-without nail tool? For me, it's a good file. 


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