Zoya... Lipsticks?!? See What They Have To Offer! Perfection Part I

**Press Samples**

Today, I have 6 of the 13 Zoya Perfect Lipstick colors to share with you. Next week, I will have 6 more!! The 13th one, I didn't get to try but it is supppppper pretty and called Maxwell. I am not sure why this one was left out, but I would love to try it. The formula is lightweight and well pigmented. They are all vegan friendly, too! As you can see, they are all perfectly designed to match any skin tone. Let's get started with the first set of colors!!
First up is a light, baby doll pink with a slight shimmer throughout. This really is a light, breezy formula and color. I really like the slight shimmer. It gives it a little sass.
Out of this set of colors, Brooke is my favorite. This is a fantastic color mixed between purple and pink. It is also formulated with a beautiful pearly iridescent finish.  There are 3 other colors in the collection that have this super shimmery finish. 
This is the nudey nude of the collection. It was designed to look awesome on all skin types. I really have a hard time with nudes because my skin tone does not love them all. This one looks like more of a gloss to me instead of a pigmented color. I probably won't be wearing this one much, but if you are one of those lucky people who looks amazing in nudes, this one is for you! 
This is the classic Barbie pink color with a toned down cool edge. It is full coverage and does make for a beautiful bright color. 
Ok. here it is!! The bright, true red from the collection. If you are a red lover, which I am not, this will be stunning for you! True red that doesn't lean too far blue, but right in the middle of warm and cold. I have a good friend (who also blogs over at Frost + Polish) who looks amazing in every red. When I see this swatch, all I can think about is Frost + Polish. 
Georgia is a gorgeous deep red. Zoya describes this as a berry color, but I didn't have any purple lean in mine. I think, on me, it leans just a little cooler to create that deeper, darker red than Frankie. Now, if you look below, on my arm swatch, you will see a little bit of a more berry color than on my lips. So strange?
These are all of the colors swatched on my arm. I feel like when I swatch on my arm, it comes out to a color closer to  to what is in the tube. My lips are pigmented pink so it always changes the color once I apply it to my lips. Either way, there is a collection of gorgeous colors. 
The Perefect Lipstick are all a classic cream finish. It leaves your lips looking smooth and moustiruzed while wearing it. They are unflavord, so if you are a fan of your lippies smelling like fruit or some kind of fragrance, this is not going to do it. I kind of like the scentlessness because I do suffer from migraines. I can still enjoy my sassy lips without having to suffer from a migraine. Each of these last 4-6 hours and I have gotten about 4 hours use of the ones that I have tried. 
What do you think of the first round of colors? Do you have a favorite so far? Have you tried any Zoya lipsticks? If so, what did you think. 


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