VIIcode Oxygen Eye Mask for Dark Circles


 VIIcode Oxygen Eye Mask for Dark Circles is so going to come in handy with the upcoming holiday rush. With work, shopping and preparing for the big meal at my house, my under eyes have been suffering. When I get in my no-sleeping slumps because of all the stress going on, it is nice to have something around that an give my sagging under eyes a little boost.  VIIcode Oxygen Eye Mask for Dark Circles is awesome for just that. 
I have learned so much about my eye area while researching on this product. Dark circles start at the age of 18. The younger you get dark circles, the more likely it is that it is caused by lack of sleep and stress. The older we get, the more our blood flow slows down and caused it to pool or bag causing dark circles. Keeping up with this problem is really important to your under eye area. You all know ow important it is to apply anything to your under eye by patting it and need pulling or rubbing it in.  VIIcode Oxygen Eye Mask for Dark Circles helps to reduce all of this.
 VIIcode Oxygen Eye Mask for Dark Circles helps to increase oxygen and blood flow to this area and in turn helps plump and boost the under eye area. The best thing about this product is that it is soooo easy to use. You apply the  VIIcode Oxygen Eye Mask for Dark Circles under your eye and leave them in place for up to 8 hours. I used mine right before bed and took them off when I got up. I didn't have any irritation or bother when I was sleeping. 
Each box comes with 6 treatments which equals 3 different sessions. Each 6 session box is $57.99 and can be found here. For best results, it should be used several times a week for a total of 3 box session. If you are looking for just a little plump, like me, once a week for a month would be perfect. Fun fact: the  VIIcode Oxygen Eye Mask for Dark Circles contains grape seed oil, seaweed and white tea. Each which had anti-aging and plumping properties. 
Overall, I liked using this product. It was so easy to use by just popping them on before bed. My under eyes felt refreshed after even the first use. I have sensitive skin and these didn't bother me at all. If you are looking to reduce some of those dark circles, this is definitely worth the try. Don't forget, you can pick it up here for only $57.99 and free shipping if you're a prime member. 


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