Sephora Play!Box Rocks My Turkey Day!!

**Press Samples**
⥊⥌⥋⥍⥊⥌⥋⥍⥊⥌⥋⥍Best in Glow⥊⥌⥋⥍⥊⥌⥋⥍⥊⥌⥋⥍
This months box shows off all the goodies that make us glow and shine like a diamond. Sephora Play!Box is only $10 a month and shares 5 deluxe product samples including a new perfume scent in each box. I have been loving every single box I have gotten so far. 
Stella McCartney- Pop
I am a huge fan of Stella scents. I picked up a rollerball a couple months ago and I probably will be purchasing a rollerball of this one, too. I have purchased just about every scent I have gotten in my box. This perfume has notes of floral and sandalwood. The blend is tomato leaf, violet leaf, green mandarin, frangipani, tuberose, violet, sandalwood, musk and cedar. 
Sephora Collection- Ulta Shine Lip Gel
I usually hate, and I mean hate glosses. Most of them are sticky, tacky and just a mess. This one is in the color Pink Up Pink, so I like that it has a slight tint to it. The Ultra Shine Lip Gel is modeled after that plump squishy look of gel polish. It is supposed to make your lips look plumper and fuller. I like to use glosses as just a dab in the middle of my lips to pout out the the full look of my lip. 
Cover FX Illuminating Primer
I have about 10 different primers and everyone acts so differently on my skin. I actually loved the Cover FX Anti-Blemish Primer and it has done the best job in covering all of my flaws. I love that it's not silicone based. Silicone based primers often makes my skin super oily. I want to be able to try this out with a couple different foundations before I make a final decision on it. 
Laura Mercier- Caviar Stick Eye Color
OMG!! I am super excited about this product. I am already a huge fan of Laura Mercier and I love just about every product I have gotten from them. The Caviar Stick is in the color Rose Gold. Everyone that knows me, knows that I looooove anything gold. I will be using this all over my face. Shadow, lip highlight, lip color, eye liner, face highlight. DO IT ALL! 
The Estee Edit by Estee Lauder- Dissolve the Drama
I am a huuuuge fan of the entire Estee Edit collection. I have not met an Estee Edit product that I have not liked. I am so excited about this because it's another multi-use product. You can use it as a straight makeup remover or blend it with a little water to create a milky foam for an extra layer of clean and moisture. I have used this twice now and I am in love. I think I need a full size of this baby!
Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment
Ok this is the last product I am taking about, but this is definitely not the least. Glamglow has some of my favorite masks and skin treatments. I actually got a deluxe sample with my VIP points. It just makes my skin feel the smoothest after using it. This little baby can even be used as a spot treatment for those annoying pesky pimples that randomly pop up. ⥊⥌⥋⥍⥊⥌⥋⥍⥊⥌⥋⥍⥊⥌⥋⥍⥊⥌⥋⥍⥊⥌⥋⥍⥊⥌⥋⥍
What do you think of this months box? Do you love all of these products as much as I do? Do you subscribe?


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