GA-DE Cosmetics is a First for Me... Feel the Beauty!


This is my first time using any products from GA-DE Cosmetics, so I was excited to see what they can do. When using a product for the first time, I always like to learn a little bit about the company and then get a really good feel for their products. I was sent a full set of products to create a full face look. GA-DE Cosmetics says to wear their brand is to, "feel beauty of every day life, to feel powerfully feminine and to live for the richest experience life has to offer". Yes! It goes along perfectly with my Make Me Pretty philosophy of using products that make YOU feel good about yourself.
First up, two lipsticks. One in a sultry red color and the other a nude. The Idylic Soft Satin lipstick comes in 12 different colors ranging from the nude above to a deep plum color. Each satiny lipstick is infused with lip care ingredients that include hyaluronic filling spheres to help smooth out those kissers.
When I first tried them on my wrist as a swatch, I loved how they felt. Smooth and creamy! They both were highly pigmented and applied really nicely. On the lips, the Idyllic Soft Satin Lipstick twins did the same thing. They both applied with high pigment in one swipe. I love one swipe lippies. Not only does it save product, but it saves your look by decreasing that cake. These are $20 each.

Next is the GA-DE BASICS matte eyeshadow palette. You all know I am a matte girl down to my deepest core. I do love a good shimmer here and there, but for the most part I reach for a matte pretty much every time. The BASICS contain 8 different shadows that range from a creamy white to a deep dark brown. I used three of them the other day with my look and ohhhh boy! They all applied like a dream, blended really well and still had full pigment. There is a giant variety of different shadows that range in price from $15 to $39. This one is $32. Stay tuned to my SnapChat and Facebook Live to see a GA-DE makeup tutorial this weekend!
Ok, this one threw me for a loop. I am soooo picky about my liner. I usually prefer a silky smooth pencil over a felt tipped liner any day. I knew this was going to be a hard sell. The High Precision Matte Eyeliner retails for $16. It comes in 1 color of a jet black. This mascara is both waterproof and long lasting. I did like this because it was quick drying and smudge proof. When you use a liquid based liner, it is important to find one that dries quickly so you can move on with your look and not have to sit there fanning your eyes.
Last, the mascara. Ok, you all know that I am super picky about mascara. It has to have a certain kind of brush and not make my lashes look like clumpy messes. The Idyllic High Definition Volume & Length Mascara is $18. I have used this for a week straight and I would put it in my backup category. The brush is a little difficult to work with, but the formula of the mascara is great. I've said it so many times but brushes either make or break a great mascara. 
Overall, I like this set. They are all high quality products and perform at that high quality. The packing is very sleek and professional. The formula feels of high quality, too. Great all around!
GA-DE Cosmetics is giving all of us a really great offer. You can get $10 off $20 at check out when you buy something from GA-DE Cosmetics. The code is GDGIFT10... so make sure you use that awesome deal before 12/31/16! 


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