Zoya Mallory vs Zoya Sia vs Essie Butler Please vs Wet n'Wild Saved by the Blue

**Contains Press Samples**

When I got the new winter set from Zoya, I noticed a beautify vibrant blue that I know I have seen before. I really do love this shade for all seasons and I was curious as to if any of my other beautiful vibrant blues came close to it. While searching through my stash, I stumbled upon 3 similar colors to Mallory I had gotten in my winter collection. All are a similar shade, but slightly different.
First up is the original color that prompted my little comparison review. Mallory is a bright, vibrant blue. Zoya always has wonderful application and I thank that brush of theirs. Perfect width and length.
Sia is from the 2015 Fall collection- Focus. It is described as a vibrant, royal blue. It is extremely similar to Mallory. Maybe a tad bit lighter, but very similar. They are both a velvety smooth, bright blue.
 Butler Please was my go-to color for a long while. It is a bright, creamy blue. It is a little bit lighter than our previous examples from Zoya, but it still has that vibrance about it. Maybe just a little bit more muted.
 Last, Saved by the Blue. This is a little more brighter than the others and has a little shimmer to it. I totally forgot about this color until I went on a blue search. It is along the same shade of Butler Please, but has that twinkle.
Colors Used:
Zoya- Sia
Zoya- Mallory
Essie- Butler Please
Wet n'Wild- Saved by the Blue

What do you think of these colors? Do you own an of them? How do they all compare?


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