Pinktober Nails for The Survivors

**May Contain Press Samples**

Ok, I know I am getting these in at the tail end of the month, but better late than never! As some of you may of may not know, I had a breast tumor removed about 6 years ago. I was 8 months pregnant when I had my lumpectomy. It was a very rare tumor that, thankfully, was able to be removed fully. It was found when I was three months pregnant, but couldn't be removed until I was in my third trimester. That was one of the scariest times in my life.  
For this mani, I went full on Sinful Colors. I used RADiant as my base then Pink Break and 24/7 as the accent dots. I wanted to do something fun, simple and I would be able to wear all week. RADiant is a demi-matte and I just love that creamy muted look. 
I miss doing my nails with fun designs, but I am super excited for the upcoming holidays and I can't wait to dive into the fun art to follow! Next... a little bit of fall and Halloween!

Colors Used:
Sinful Colors- Pink Break
Sinful Colors- 24/7
Sinful Colors- RADient


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