Cute Halloween Skittle Design for Your Nails!

**May Contain Press Samples**

Halloween is my favorite holiday to do skittles. I did these a while back when I still had nubbins and when I was really into dotting anything! I've had this PhillyLovesLacquer of quite a while and I only pull it out once a year. It still applies very nicely and the glitters still come out evenly. I appreciate that in a nail polish thats a few years old. Good job PLL!
I haven't done an interlocking design in quite a while so I decided to add that in. I have a couple more Halloween designs I want to throw out there before it gets too late. Sometime this week, my daughter and I are going ghoul for her favorite holiday. The only reason it's her favorite is because her birthday is the next day. 
I hope you enjoyed this quick little skittle and stay tuned for more holiday themed nail art. Plus there's always something good going on over here. Fun, fun FUN!

Colors Used:
Sally Hansen- Blacky O
Sally Hansen- Electra-cute
Philly Loves Lacquer- The Spectrum


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