Zoya Fall/Winter Urban Grunge Metallics Review

**Press Samples**

I am finally bringing you the second half of my fun Zoya Fall/Winter collection. I cannot wait to finally start rocking them. September 1 for me means Fall so bring on all those colors! There are 6 holos and they are $10 each.
Zoya hays this is a linear holo with golden flakes. I say it's gorgeous! I'm not so sure about the linear part, but there is a holo there. It is more scattered than anything, but it is still super pretty!
This is an awesome accent nail color and will be fantastic for a winter blues pick-me-up.

Ok, this is one of my favorites from this collection. I am a purple girl at heart, so this screams out my name!
Yes, true story. This is pretty much full coverage in 2 coats.I would throw a third on here but I am afraid it just might be too thick. BUT it's soooo pretty! 

This color is described as a liquid pewter with a touch of black and gold. They put it in the gray category. Now, I agree it's definitely a metallic gray but I'm not sure if I see the black and gold in it. It is a great metallic almost on the chrome side, though!
I actually only used 2 coats on this for good measure, but 1 would be sufficient. Now, you have to apply this very carefully because, as you may know, metallics can be streaky. Thin and careful is the name of the metallic game!

Not the color you think Ash would be but it is still super pretty! This is a red with lots of metallic shimmer. I did see red and silver shimmer, but I am missing the gold again. I am not sure if it's because of my skin tone, but I feel like a gold shimmer would create a softer look. Beautiful color either way!

This is a super pretty evergreen scattered holo. The color is very rich and vibrant and it actually looks awesome on my skin tone. I usually don't agree with the yellows or greens, but this one makes it!
I used two coats on this one and these pictures are without a top coat; so you can see the ultra shine in this color. The application was super smooth and I didn't have any problems with this color. It's a perfect addition for the winter season!

Yes, now we are on to the purple metallic. I am biased here with purple and I am sorry but it is just beautiful! This leans towards to the more red side of purple and does have a fuchsia gleam to it.
I used two coats and it applied really smoothly. I always expect a super thick, goopy polish with metallics but all of these are really nice!

Overall, I am in love with this collection. They are beautiful colors and a nice mix of finishes. They are great for a little accent during the Fall and Winter season. Paired with the Cremes they can make for some awesome party manis!! To scoop up the entire metallics collection, it is $60 or (as mentioned above) you can pick them up for $10 each.


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