Vita Liberata Has A NEW Formula- This Is How I Rocked It!

**Press Sample**

Vita Liberata has revisited their pHenomenal formula and made an even better version! I actually had the chance to try both versions out and I'm going to let you know what I found.
The first noticeable difference is the packaging. Vita Liberata is my preferred self-tanning brand. It dries without being sticky, it actually has a pleasant smell and it lasts the longest without the strange streaking you get when the tan wears off. The big draw for the pHenomenal line is that it lasts for up to 3 weeks. The original formula does have a longer lasting color. I have not had it last the full 3 weeks but 2 and a half is about as long as I can go without having to reapply. The color does fade really nicely and is not harsh.
What I usually do is take a shower, exfoliate my whole body and then apply pHenomenal. I squirt a couple pumps on my glove and then apply in circular motions. Personally, I apply from top to bottom so I don't miss any spots. I let it dry for a couple minutes and then dress and go to bed. I have never had it rub off in my bed or clothes. Waiting before you dress is key. You want to make sure you don't feel wet anywhere before you robe up. When I see fading, I do a little exfoliation and let it fade naturally.
Besides a little bit better of color and easier fading, I didn't notice much of a different between the older formula and the newer remastered version. If you have an older bottle, you will be just fine. You just have to pay attention to the fade and reapply. Taking care of and paying attention to your faux tan is best way to maintain. If you want to find out more about the ingredients and what other people are saying, check out the pHenomenal mousse here.


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