Zoya Urban Grunge Creme 2016

**Press Samples**
The **NEW** Fall/Winter collection from Zoya is so perfectly 90s chic, it's not even funny! Hang on while I take you on a trip to your past or if you are way younger than me, a trip of a fantastic seasonal collection. This collection is made up of 6 colors plus a metallic Holo collection to counter match up with these beauts. They are $10 each or $60 for the entire collection. Let's see what the cremes are serving up!

This is a deep red that is oh so vampy. It leans a little on the dark purple, black side. This is going to be perfect with my flannels this up coming fall season.
 I did use 2 coats with this color just for good measure. It has a really great coverage and a super shiny finish. I didn't top coat for any of these pictures so that shine is on it's own.  If this doesn't scream fall to you, than I don't know what will.

This is described by Zoya as a mid-range taupe. It definitely leans more towards a grey taupe, but either way it is going to be one awesome Fall nude. 
 I also used 2 coats for this color. For some reason, it came out super chalky in all of these photos and it looks very similar to Misty just a little bit more warm. These pictures really look like Misty, but it's just the way the color was catching on my camera.

 This is a beauuuutiful gray- leaning almost blue color. It is icy and oh so perfect for a Fall to Winter transition.
 When I look at this color, I think elephants. Those beautifully cartooned elephants; like Babar. Yup, that's it. The perfect Babar gray!

 This polish was super hard to photograph. It is soooo beautiful in real life and these picutes don't do it justice. Greens are so hard to make look great against all skintones. It is a true grass green that has a little blue pigment in it. It is oh so close to turquoise without being there just yet.
 It applies so smoothly and actually looks great against my skintone. I have a lighter, colder tone so this colors reflects on that. Either way, it's so worth a try.

 Ok... I can't with this color! It is such a beautiful blue. Zoya describes it as a Prussian blue. It is very similar to Sia- which I will be doing a comparison next week. It is a little darker than Sia but it is still very, very similar.
 This is one of the brighter colors in collection and I think it's perfect to wrap up all these vamps nicely. The bright blue creme would make a perfect combination with just about any of these colors in the collection.

Tara is a perfect combination of purple and red. Zoya says it's a plum. I agree. This was another color that was really hard to photograph to get the true tone. It is so perfect for the Fall and you best bet this is my favorite out of the collection. Not because I don't love the rest of them but because I am a purple lover and it's almost out of control.... lol
I used to have a hair color close to this and I loved it. I had blue highlights throughout and it was awesome for a Winter color. I won't be going back to that hair color anytime soon, but I will be rocking this on my nails. 
 Overall, I love this collection. They are all perfect to wear both during the Fall and the Winter. Rock those vamps ladies, rock them!!!
 What do you think of these colors? Will you be picking any of these up? Do you like the colors presented to represent the Fall the Winter?


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